The Yuri content Grading System + demo of The “List”.

This is a followup of the Should the power of Yuri Goggles be limited? (Spoilers ahead) post. It’s a basic grading system where all known anime with yuri content are divided into 5 grades, determining how relevant yuri is in the anime. To view the complete list, check out Michirumagazine in my “awesome neighbors” blogroll and click on “Yuri-Lista Anime” for the currently most complete list found on the internet. I’ll give some examples of shows you may want to check out and know that there is indeed yuri and depending on the grade level, how much. Of course I have reviewed some of these shows and you know where to look in case you need more info on them.


Yuri is the central focus and most important part, the center in which the entire story revolves around. The level of subtext ranges from high to canon.

-Yuru Yuri.

-Sono Hanabira OVA

-Sasameki Koto

-Aoi Hana

-Strawberry Panic

-Kannazuki no Miko


-Candy Boy

-Shoujo Sect

-Maria-sama ga Miteru


Grade 2

Where yuri plays a key role in the show but isn’t exactly THE main focus. It’s one of the highest genres/themes.

-Puella Magi Madoka Magica

-Morita-san wa Mukuchi





-El Cazador de la Bruja

– Ga-Rei Zero

-Revolutionary Girl Utena

-Devil Lady

-Mai HiME

-Mai Otome

Grade 3

Yuri is included but isn’t exactly one of the most important genres but it’s there. Whether it’s glorious or not all depends on the characters themselves and their charisma.

-Last Exile (2nd season)

-Persona 4

-Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon

-Mawaru Penguindrum

-A Channel



-Battle Girls, Time Paradox

-Squid Girl

-Wandering Son


-Taishou Yakyuu Musume

-Kiddy Grade

-Kiddy Girl and


-To Aru Kagaku no Railfun

-Koihime Musou

Grade 4

The amount of yuri in these shows are equal to Grade 3 shows but the relevance to the main plot is less important. Again, charisma plays an important role here.


-Nekogami Yaoyarozu

-Star Driver

-Hidamari Sketch

-Yumekui Merry

-Kore wa Zombie Desu-ka?


-High School of the Dead.

Grade 5

One word, subtext. The yuri here is MOSTLY fan based except when one of the characters in the show is 50-100% lesbian. Other than that minor exception, Kris Christopher in Battle Athletes for example, anything else resembling yuri contact is up to the viewer.


-Murder Princess


-Bamboo Blade

– Last Exile (1st season)


– Lucky Star

– Minami-ke

Well, there you have it. Again for the complete list (Which will continue to be updated as long as yuri anime exists), check out Michirumagazine in my Awesome Neighbors list of the blogroll.

Now this is a prototype as I plan on making an entire list of anime with yuri content. This post was to introduce the Grading system to make it clear what level of yuri viewers can expect. The “List” will be completed in two weeks or so. Look forward to it doods and peeps.

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9 Responses to The Yuri content Grading System + demo of The “List”.

  1. SnippetTee says:

    There’s a 100% lesbian in K-On!?

    Are you saying that it’s Ritsu? –but I see her more of a bi, because she thought she’s having a secret suitor.

    Mugi? Because she saw signs that she’s into girls? But, I see that just as fascination although there’s a high chance to prove that she’s as lesbian if her character was only explored more.

    Btw, I’m wondering why you didn’t include Kashimashi… but I think I already know haha.


    • Overlord-G says:

      Kashimashi is Grade 1. I’ll add it to the list. Thanks for the refresher Snippy dear. Actually this is a prototype list. I’m planning on copy/pasting the entire list from Michirumagazine here on my site to help guide my fellow fans in finding yuri. Basically an English version of their Spanish site.

      As for Mugi and Ritsu, no they aren’t part of the exceptional few girls in Grade 5 shows that are 100% lesbian, though I wish they truly were. Actually the only 100% lesbian from the Grade 5 shows I mentioned is Kris Christopher from Battle Athletes OVA and Battle Athletes Victory.


  2. Ritsuioko23 says:

    Wait…. Persona 4 has yuri? When?


  3. yurimylove says:

    nice grading system!


  4. Mystic_Chain says:

    Wait…. Madoka Magica has yuri? I thought its about friendship………………….


  5. Liz Hyde says:

    I have to disagree some with NANA’s ranking. I always felt like even though it was technically just subtext, the yuri-ishness in that show was very important to its plot. The two Nana’s being so obviously in love with each other, and how they could so easily fix so many problems in their respective lives by just being together, but being absolutely and completely blind to it because of growing up in a culture that doesn’t even vilify homosexuality as much as it doesn’t even acknowledge its presence… I feel like, in a weird way, it manages to be multiple grades on this scale at the same time…


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