The Magical Revolution Episode 5: Vs The OG

When we last left our heroines Anis heard reports of a powerful monster wreaking havoc, filling her with excitement for ultra rare materials but Euphie was less than thrilled to see the princess fly into danger thus joined her in battle.

By the way. Since some have forgotten let me repeat my two rules of adaptation coverage going forward:

1: No spoilers of the source material in the comments.

2: No comparing events of the anime, similarities or differences, with those of the source.

Anis and Euphie head to battle

After the intro setting up the situation we flashed back to early noon as Euphie asked Anis why she needed a dragon’s magicite. Basically it was the key ingredient to create a core she would implant inside herself allowing her to finally use magic of some sort…in theory. That “probably” didn’t ease Euphie’s worries at all.

Anis goes berserkAfter making a grand entrance saving adventurers from a monster bear she laid out her plan, she’d fight the dragon while Euphie helped the troops fight the monster stampede. Naturally Euphie worried for her sweet princess but Anis said she’s the only one who could fight the OG thanks to her flight skills. She “assured” her everything would be daijobou thanks to the booster pills. Said pulls increased the fighter’s capabilities…while also turning them into mostly berserk savages. Again Euphie’s worries weren’t calmed in the slightest.

Euphie casts explosion magicNaturally Euphie wasn’t far behind the Marauder Princess and aided her with a badass Explosion when needed. Despite being berserk Anis’ love for the perfect woman was stronger than her bloodlust showing a mix of awe and arousal at Euphie’s awesome spell casting.

The dragon appearsHer bloodlust took control when the OG himself appeared. Now Anis was filled with excitement and a need to tear it apart for the greater good (the greater good), that being to finally cast magic. Unfortunately for her her Mana Blade, a weapon that in theory could cut through magic energy, had no effect on the dragon no matter how or where she struck. The OG, annoyed at her feisty opponent, unleashed a mighty blast knocking her out. Not without worrying she may lose the most important person in her life before passing out of course.

Euphie Air Dashes to save AnisDetermined to save the girl who showed her the light we saw that she may not be adept at flying a broom but that didn’t mean she couldn’t Air Dash like a boss! It’s right up there with Takina smashing through glass.

Euphie's passionate speechI don’t know if it matches the intensity of that one scene about the girl verbally cutting the edgelord boy’s balls off for refusing to explain his chuuni ways to her but Euphie passionately telling Anis to let her be by her side regardless of what she must do to become “the ideal magician” was bloody fantastic. The addition of Anis realizing despite her goal of becoming a magician that brought smiles to everyone’s faces…only for the ONE GIRL WHOSE SMILE SHE VALUED MOST TO BE CRYING BECAUSE OF HER was a nice touch.

The dragon's last standSee how much better battles in isekai are when the protagonist is super strong but not entirely a one girl/woman wrecking machine? That’s all I ask. It makes for more epic showdowns. No need to go into detail. Just know their comeback kicked ass.

The dragon cursed AnisAnyhoo the post battle went something like this:

The OG: Well done child. You may harvest my corpse as you please.

Anis: (Oh crap. He’s an honorable warrior who respects strength.). Sorry for killing you big man.

The OG: You apologize? HAHA! Most amusing! Very well. Allow me to be the Sean Connery to your Dennis Quaid. You want the power and knowledge of a dragon so bad? Take it and carry this curse beyond your dying breath!

During the credits we joined Anis at a celebration party but being prim and proper wasn’t her style. Luckily Euphie found her.

Anis and Euphie danceTo quote my dear sister, “thank you”.

I could do my usual OG style play-by-play of this great moment but it’s so good you have to see it yourselves.

Excellent stuff as always.

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21 Responses to The Magical Revolution Episode 5: Vs The OG

  1. Alexis says:

    Uno de los claroscuros de Anis es su obstinación por la magia y Anis camina en el límite de la perseverancia y la obsesión, Euphy a pesar de ser mucho más sensata se ve que se preocupa genuinamente por las personas que más aprecia, por el momento espero que en el próximo episodio se muestren las consecuencias de su cacería.

    Esperando unas buenas imagenes sin los créditos de Anis y Euphie bailando. Encontré linda a Euphie aprendiendo a manejar la escoba, además ¿no cree que Anis se parecía a Artoria haciendo el excalibah?

    Si bien no he leído la novela pero si el manga, presiento que va a sobrepasar fácilmente al último

    Ayer vi un par de imagenes de @cotoji_69, de hecho vos las acaba de twittear… y veo que Ren y Hibiki se casan, súper cute, es lindo verlas con sus vestidos de novia, lastima que no hubo una S2 de Anne happy.



  2. Kotori_Sonoda says:

    Anis totally takes out the dragon like a boss alongside Euphie!
    But that dragon may have the last laugh, what exactly was that curse in the end? How exciting.
    I’m preeeetty sure Anis’ dear brother would no doubt be pissed off that he’s been upstaged again. I wish they’d reconnect in the future but for now bro’s gonna be angry for sure.

    Liked by 3 people

  3. This was a fantastic episode! It had pretty much everything we could want. Action, romance and a little drama, which was all wrapped up in a nice bow by episode’s end. Euphie is becoming quite the prospective bride when it comes to her concern and growing care for Anis. She had said as much, but through her worrying and her actions all through this episode, we can see that Anis has become her light and something so precious now that she can’t let her go. This is Stage 1 of the love blooming between Anis and Euphie and it’s wonderful to see.

    The battle was so epic and it was quite a nail-biter too, especially with Anis’ close brush with death. But of course her beloved Euphie was there in her desperate moment too. I’m super curious what the curse was that the Dragon passed on, but I know we’ll find out soon enough.

    I kind of hoped we’d get to see the King’s, Duke’s and Brother’s reactions to the girls slaying the dragon together, but I can kind of imagine how it played out. Or maybe they’ll give us a glimpse at the start of the next episode. Even if not, we were given a treat for the main event, which is always, of course, Anis and Euphie.

    Excellent stuff, as always. The hype continues to grow.

    Liked by 3 people

    • OG-Man says:

      Euphie’s growing affection for Anis is glorious along with Anis balancing her love for Euphie and her goals. She wants to become a witch but not at the cost of her perfect soul mate’s happiness.

      Hope Anis watched Dragonheart in her past life. She could have got some tips from it.

      I’m sure we’ll see their reactions at some point.

      Naturally the dance was what we needed more.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. chikorita157 says:

    As expected, this episode exceeded expectations. Obviously, Euphie seems worried that Anis is doing risky stuff. The scene after Euphie saves Anis and wants to her to take her along was emotional. It seems as If Euphie wants to return the favor. Still, it’s nice how they defeat the dragon, although I wonder what the curse is about.

    Euphie and Anis dancing together is the cherry on the strawberry sundae. It’s nice that the pairing finally got the relationship upgrade we were waiting for.

    Liked by 3 people

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  6. Sean Drake says:

    I just want to point out how amazing the animation was in that episode, they even managed to use cgi the right way so it was almost unnoticeable.
    I don’t think I can remember a recent show that made violence so pretty and still maintain a great story.

    Liked by 2 people

  7. yurimylove says:

    The dragon fight’s awesome, but my absolute favorite scene is the girl x girl slow dance <3. You don’t see many of those in anime.


  8. LuzeP says:

    There are 3 of my favorite scenes.
    1. The slow dance, of course. It was so beautiful I almost cry.
    2. Anis tried to reach her broom and realize she probably will die this time and the only one she can think of is Euphie. The dash part was the second time I’ve seen it this week. You will notice soon.
    3. The scene when Euphie convinced her lover (I’m gonna say lover from now on). She be like “Yeah yeah, make people smile or whatever, LET ME BE BY YOUR SIDE”

    Euphie went from “I will never understand this girl” to “Just do whatever you like” to “I will never let this girl go”. Big character development right there. Like I said the dynamic between them has changed. We also saw what Anis can do. The drug’s reaction surprised me. She lose herself for a moment or that was her true self when it comes to magic. She is strong but the real magic is still the best. Once again the show did a good job of giving Prince Horny screentime as fewer as possible.

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      As always you see the big picture Nee-San.

      The dance was everything, yes.
      I saw that other cool used the power of future gayness to achieve Super Speed. Euphie was better but Ignis looked pretty too.

      That Euphie was SO GOOD!

      Their progresión from soul mates to future lovers has been fantastic so far.

      Yes. Less Prince Horny screentime is good for us.

      Liked by 1 person

  9. opaco1234 says:

    Oh, the dance were lovely, if the season end with this will be already very good but there will be more.
    Is important since here Euphi and Anis relationship change for good

    Liked by 1 person

  10. K says:

    I don’t have much to add except to say that this episode was absolutely spectacular! The action, the animation, the raw emotions, everything was on point. What an amazing way to end this arc! The fallout from Anis/Euphie’s achievement will be interesting to see, that’s for sure.

    Liked by 2 people

  11. Nick says:

    Been ages since I actually watched this ep, but it was a good battle between Anis and the dragon.

    Euphie taking a page out of Megunin’s book with the ‘Explosion’ attack. Love to see it!

    That dance at the end was so wonderful.

    Love these two so much!

    Liked by 1 person

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