Strike Witches 3: Road to Berlin Episode 1: First Underwear Part Drei

Looks like another early screening got subbed. You know what that means.

Note: Keep in mind Road to Berlin is set after the events of the movie, meaning it’s Season 1, 2, OVA (Operation Victory Arrow), the movie and then Road to Berlin. Readers who have either forgotten events or not marathoned the series to this point are advised to do so before proceeding.

Strike Witches Return

They’re baaaaaaack.

We kicked things off with a summary of what the show is about: Alien invaders called Neuroi invaded the Earth in 1939 and conquered most of Europe. The only ones strong enough to oppose them were gifted teenage girls called “Witches”, armed with “Striker Units”, aka special propeller engines equipped on their legs, to engage the aliens in epic dogfights.

Strike Witches Booties return

Witches are best known for the following: Incredible magic, expert military and aerial combat skills, kemonomimi and most importantly, the refusal to wear pants due to the Striker Units’ inconvenience. Some wear leather tights or skirts but it makes little difference.

After a reminder of the 501st Unit’s badassery we joined the former Major, now Liutenant Commander, Mio Sakamoto on her way to a school in Helvetia to meet a familiar face.

Mio reunites with Yoshika

It of course was the legend herself, Yoshika “RAMBO” Miyafuji!. The reason why she was there would be elaborated in a bit.

Mio prefers not having her hair down

Let us cherish the few moments throughout the show Mio lets her hair down. Oh, and yes. Pants are a sign of “adulthood” in this franchise. Mio’s in her early 20’s. Plus “adulthood” means losing your magic, because Magical Girl rules. That and her sword.

Anyway RAMBO invited Mio to check out the circus, especially a cool polar bear act.

Yoshika vs Polar Bear

Coincidence of all coincidences this was the exact day the polar bear went on a rampage. Someone we will get to in a bit was in trouble and RAMBO took immediate action to protect her. She used her power to sense what was wrong with Mr Bear and was able to calm him down. He had a toothache.


Now we can talk about RAMBO’s new friend (and potential new harem girl alongside Lynette, Shizuka and Michiko), Althea. RAMBO kept her Witch powers a secret from her. She explained the reason for not using them was due to her losing them before (See late S2 and the Movie for details) and wanting to study up on medicine just in case. Althea’s father served in the military and hyped her up to one day help the 501st Unit. She mailed letters to him but one day they stopped coming. RAMBO suggested calling him via radio, which worked.

Doge vs Iceberg

Their happy call was cut short. There was a strange iceberg. Strange in that it seemed to be chasing her dad’s “Doge” class battleship.

Yoshika locates the Doge

RAMBO being RAMBO requested permission to investigate. Mio remembered how stubborn and devoted RAMBO was to being a superheroine and granted it. However, RAMBO didn’t have a Striker Unit. There was a nearby hangar but the Striker was covered in spider-webs. Yup, that old. Of course RAMBO had main protagonist powers so it was no trouble for her. She had 2+ seasons of character development after all.

Before RAMBO headed out the group overheard Papa mention the iceberg. She asked if it could be a Neuroi but Mio said there was no such thing as an “Aquatic Neuroi”…

Iceberg Neuroi

We end the episode with RAMBO in trouble against the gargantuan Iceberg Neuroi. Ah, and the 501st kinda sensed her presence as she flew toward the Doge. Hopefully they took the hint, investigate the “mystery flyer” and come to RAMBO’s aid

Man have I missed this show. Good to have it back. Not only that but in Winter 2020 we have Luminous Witches too so S3 won’t be the only no pants aerial combat goodness we’re getting.

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15 Responses to Strike Witches 3: Road to Berlin Episode 1: First Underwear Part Drei

  1. Little Viktoria says:

    When everyone around the world was spotting Yoshika’s jet trail in the sky, I expected Eila and Sanya to do so while passionately kissing on a mountaintop naked in Izetta x Fine style ^^ I guess they’re taking a short break from that to perform their military duties…

    Mio, you look gorgeous but the trousers don’t suit you. Off with them ^^

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Marina2 says:

    Did they just hint that Althea has magic ability? Enhance hearing kind of power it seems.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Error says:

    Yesss. Finally. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  4. 2020 may be a downer year but the wiches of 501st help provide a ray of sunshine. Its great to see Yoshika take to the skies again!

    Also Sakamoto’s laugh, hell yeah.

    Liked by 2 people

  5. cirno9fan says:

    Am glad I didn’t watch the pre-air, quality seems higher in the broadcast. ANYWAY

    The episode…it SAYS it was 24 minutes…..but it was barely 5 minutes in my eyes. it was over in a flash! SO GOOD!!!

    Yoshika’s amazing as usual ❤ Really missed her!

    Really excited for next week!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Nick says:

    They’re back!!!

    So excited for more Strike Witches, even though I just finished my reawtch a few weeks ago. But new Strike Witches, that’s worth getting hyped about!

    Some things I noticed right away about this new season, the animation looks very nice. All the characters models are excellent and I noticed they’re using CG for the battle scenes, which is to expected at this point, but as always I’ve never been bothered by CG unless it’s bad and this isn’t. Also the guns sound way better this season. After rewatching the first two seasons, movie, and OVAs, all the guns pretty much sounded the same but they’ve given each gun a distinct sound and that really adds some nice detail.

    The Neuroi are back and bigger than ever and up to some new tricks this time too. Hiding in the iceberg is a new one, and man they’re going pretty hard this season with their new weapons too. Excited to see how Yoshika and company will deal with this growing alien threat!

    It’s nice that we checked in on everyone in the first ep too, even if it was just for a few moments. They’ll all be back together soon enough and it’s gonna be a treat to see them back in action again.

    Finally, glorious panty shots are back! I’m guessing the eventual bath scenes will have the usual censoring, but maybe there will be an uncensored release. If not then there will be scenes to revisit on BD for sure.

    Liked by 2 people

  7. yurimylove says:

    Looking forward to 501st reunion, and watching my favorite genki loli Lucchini again

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Wanderer says:

    You didn’t mention Brave Witches in your series timeline! It’s in there between S1 and S2 of Strike Witches.

    In other news… you can’t just hand Yoshika some random striker unit: her powers are too strong. She burns those things out in seconds. There was a whole thing in season 2 about her needing to get a specially designed one because she kept overloading her original unit.

    Liked by 1 person

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