Magia Record Episode 8: Transparent Spam

No clever setup for this episode.

Message from caller

Caller was a girl.

We joined Iroha asleep while a radio show played on her phone. As the DJ read the above caller’s question a creepy girl’s voice took control of the phone, glitched it and laughed creepily.

Creepy Girl

Creepy girl.

Iroha's new uniform

Still adorably confused in her new uniform.

Next morning Iroha somehow transferred to a school in Kamahana. She messaged Kaede about it but no response. Other girls invited her for bento but she wanted to search for Kaede.

Iroha and Rena

Iroha and Rena.

Iroha looked up Rena for her whereabouts. Ever since what happened in the Post ED of Episode 5 Kaede distanced herself from Rena and Momoko. To change the subject Iroha asked her if she heard of any recent rumors.

The Invisible Girl

First was something about an Invisible Girl. The way she described the rumor hit home with Iroha, girl who kept to herself so long she eventually became transparent to people ultimately turning invisible. Another rumor involved some place called “Endless Solitude”. More on that later.

Iroha returning Tsuruno's lunch

Iroha visiting Banbanzai.

Later Iroha visited Banbanzai and was surprised to see her daughter there. Felicia agreed to quit being a mercenary to work at the restaurant for free food. Tsuruno talked about another rumor, “Electric Wave Girl”. It’s about a strange voice that can be heard on the phone standing under the radio tower. Supposedly the voice was of a girl calling for help.

Yachiyo calling someone

Yachiyo discussing the Wings of Magius with someone.

Back home Iroha saw her future wife talking to someone. She didn’t get all of it but I’m sure she heard her discussing the Wings of Magius with the girl on the phone.

Iroha picking up Felicia

Iroha picking up Felicia at the police station.

The next day after another Ui and Friends dream and the mysterious radio show broadcast complete with creepy girl laugh, Iroha’s new teacher informed her of a troubling situation. Felicia got into trouble and asked for her to come pick her up at the station.

On their way home:

Felicia: Hey Mommy, aren’t you gonna ask me about why I got into trouble?

Iroha: Are you still doing mercenary work?

Felicia: No! I work at Banbanzai now. Some girls were saying mean things about my new mommies so I beat them up.

Iroha in her head: That’s my baby!

Iroha and Felicia hear the creepy laugh

Iroha and Felicia hear the creepy laugh.

Felicia wanted to investigate the radio tower. They tested the rumor by making a call. The caller wasn’t asking for help but did laugh creepily.

Iroha and Rena reading spam

Iroha and Rena reading strange spam.

The next day Iroha’s classmates spread false rumors about her because she got called by the teacher the day prior. Not worrying about it she visited Rena again who had more info about “Endless Solitude”. Iroha got spam messages (She’d been getting several throughout the episode). She erased them but this time they saw one that asked whether Iroha was a mahou shoujo followed by a call for help. Iroha rushed over to the radio tower and made sure to leave a message for Yachiyo.

Tower Witch

Tower Doodle.

On her way to the tower she spotted one of the twins. She tried tailing her but was spotted, summoning the above Doodle to attack.

Mami to the rescue

“Mysterious” rescuer.

Iroha had a hard time but thanks to a “mysterious” rescuer the Doodle was stalled long enough for the cavalry to arrive and destroy it.

Iroha's family checking out the spam

Iroha’s family checking out the spam.

We end the episode with Mrs Tamaki, Mrs Tamaki, Cousin Tsuruno and Felicia Tamaki answering the spam. We’ll see what curse will befall our superheroine family next time.

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13 Responses to Magia Record Episode 8: Transparent Spam

  1. cirno9fan says:

    no comment on the not so subtle hint that Iroha was part of the hospitalized group?
    For some reason, this is the first episode I was very into. I’ve found interest in all the episodes, at least to a point. But this episode just worked for me. All I can think is something about me is different, and I’m able to enjoy the series better.
    The one on the phone didn’t sound like anyone from the original series. Thought maybe the “Co-ordinator”, but not sure why that would be kept secret.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Red says:

    I see you’ve gotten on the YachiIro train with daughter Felicia and aunt Tsuruno.

    As a player of the game, I’m pretty excited for the coming episodes.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. X says:

    This episode is so much a mystery, I want to yell, WHAT’S GOING ON.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. LuzeP says:

    Maybe Kaede didn’t reply back to Iroha because her phone has been “hack” by the creepy phone girl so she can’t be reached by her friends. As part of the endless solitude. I want to know badly what really happened after that ep. 5 ending. I like them three. So Felicia is a middle schooler. That’s so cute of her defending her parents’ honor like that. There so many questions in my head right now, I hope we find all of the answer next week. And we still don’t know anything about Ui yet.

    Liked by 2 people

  5. I really like this rumor. For some reason that kind of creepy voice coming out of phones and radio really scare me.
    maybe because I listen to the radio a lot during work….

    I like how Felicia is standing up for Iroha and yachiyo. Damn that’s sweet.

    The area in front of the tower (with the statues) was very creepy. Reminded me of that one time I went to summer camp and in the campsite there was a pathway full of trees and statues lining the area.
    I didn’t get past the first few statues hahaha

    Oh damn didn’t expect Mami to show up rescuing Iroha. Considering she was all ready to kill her the last time, I’m very curious now. Maybe Kyoko put in a good word for her?

    Liked by 2 people

  6. chikorita157 says:

    I have a feeling that Rena is getting a bit lonely, but won’t admit it. Still, I wonder what Kaede is up to.

    Also, it’s nice to see Felicia having a new job, although she got in trouble with the police. Must be that she is sticking up to Iroha and her friends. But I still wonder what is the invisible girl about. Maybe the last member of the team?

    Liked by 2 people

  7. K says:

    I didn’t notice this(my bro did) but Yachiyo was smiling at certain parts in the OP where she used to frown.

    That creepy laughter interrupted just when that story was getting interesting. How rude.

    Kaede must be thinking that she can’t hang with Rena and the others because she’s not really human anymore or something along those lines. If that’s her line of thinking, however, then it’s kinda flawed. She stopped being normal the moment she made a contract with Kyubey, lol! Jokes aside, I hope she doesn’t do something stupid.

    Felicia quit her mercenary gig for a more honest way of living and she will not suffer any who dare speak ill of her new family! Unfortunately, everyone thinks that Iroha’s a delinquent now. Foolishness, such rumour-spreading can also result in a nice but shy girl disappearing into the ether, if you catch my drift.

    That was a cemetery in front of the radio tower, right? Having all those statues around can be quite unnerving, I imagine, especially at night.

    Iroha got herself into quite a bind didn’t she? Good thing a certain blond-haired MG was there to get her out of it. That aside, looks like the Wings of Magius doesn’t want this Sana person getting out.

    Liked by 2 people

    • cirno9fan says:

      Kaede’s problem is she’s afraid she’ll hurt her friends if she is with them. She’d rather live a depressing life of solitude than hurt the people she’s close with.

      I think a lot of people (including people who watch the show/play the game) forget that they’ve lost their humanity already, and are nothing but magics that deceptively take on the appearance of “Humans”.

      Liked by 1 person

      • K says:

        Hm, that makes sense, it seems like something she would do. She was willing to end her friendship with Rena for Rena’s sake after all. Of course, they aren’t going to let her live that way, I’m sure.

        It’s very easy to forget or rather, it’s like a elephant in the room at times(or would it be more akin to a mouse, since that fact can be easily ignored?).

        Liked by 1 person

  8. Nick says:

    A week late to this one, sorry. I blame my obsession with having to watch a certain sub group and no one else for this show.

    Really liked how the radio show transitioned into the OP, that was a neat touch.

    Caller was totally a girl. No doubt about it. Wish them the best.

    The excitement and mysteries are certainly getting more interesting as the show progresses and I’m really enjoying that side of the show. True I’m probably missing details due to not playing the game, but I’m still hanging in here and having a good time watching this.

    Gotta say the grave yard at the base of the radio tower was pretty creepy.

    Oh and nice to see them all living together now and I like your caption on the last pic, the family out there reading the spam texts. Great stuff. Not the spam texts but the family.

    Hopefully I won’t have to wait another week for the next ep. Guess we’ll see how it goes!

    Liked by 1 person

    • yurimylove says:

      I watch this on CR and for some reason they’re always a week late as well, not sure why, since all their other simul-casts are (mostly) on time.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Nick says:

        Funi is the only service with the simulcast the day of. CR and HiDIVE are a week late. I guess that’s just how the licensing worked out this time.

        I’m just a week late because the fan sub group I watch from spent a long time on the typesetting and such.

        Liked by 1 person

  9. yurimylove says:

    at this rate i’m gonna need Milky Holmes to help me understand all the clues and plots…


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