Wolf Tails Review

Note: Review Copy provided by Razz(matazz).

It has been a while since we last looked at a release by Razzart Visual. But here we are again talking about their latest title centered around two lovely wolf girls. What can one expect from this besides two cute and sexy beasts and lots of snow? Find out as we take a look at Wolf Tails.

Note 2: Players can choose to go through the story as either a male or female avatar. Yours truly played through it as the female avatar.

Wolf Tails

Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance, Visual Novel, Yuri

Themes: Animal Girls, Wolf Girls

Length: 4-5 hours (Played through the story and unlocked endings.)

G-Rating: Good

Plot Summary:

Moving far away from civilization, you hoped to live a life of solitude in a snowy cabin. Just as you begin to adapt to your peaceful new life, you discover an intruder; a wolf-girl, alone and shivering in your storeroom. Fearful for her life, you take the girl in for the night, offering her a place to stay until she recovers.

Once she has recovered, however, the wolf-girl shows no sign of leaving. In fact, she seems quite content to move in.

Soon after, yet another wolf-girl shows up, loudly accusing the “Princess” of running away from her duties to the pack. She wants nothing more than to bring the Princess back home with her and restore order – and despite your best wishes, you’re now stuck in the middle of it.

Wolf Tails screen.png

Titular wolves Fuyu and Mirari.

Put simply this is a short and sweet story about a young woman (or man) and two adorably sexy wolf girls in a snowy cabin. In anime terms think of the setup as the “Ordinary human receiving extraordinary guests whether they like it or not”. The pacing is not a spoiler as it is part of the setup: The human starts off irked/annoyed by their uninvited guests but then grows accustomed to their company and (depending on the choices made) enjoys it. That is what “plreaders” (play-read) can initially expect from Wolf Tails. Besides the “fun-fun silly-willy” times the trio will share there are also interesting discussions revolving around the difference in cultures and norms between humans and half-humans, in this case wolves. It is nice seeing how the human and wolves react to the many differences and some similarities between their cultures. What wolves consider friendly interaction with one another the human sees as embarrassing. One example is the tub scene. That is but a snippet of their discussions. Other topics are more serious revolving around the main plot of the story, the troubles Fuyu and Mirari have within their pack. Without spoiling too much their dilemmas revolve around “responsibilities” and “hierarchy”.

As for the human, do not think she is a blank slate. The human (Who I named Ophelia II) is an outsider who does not like socializing very much but deep down has a good heart. Being a human raised within human society that considers half-humans “inferior savages” it is understandable why it took her a bit to warm up to the cute wolves. Like the wolves Ophelia II also has her own personal struggles but even so learned enough to live on her own in the cold wilderness away from civilization.

Wolf Tails CG.png

CG of when the human first meets Mirari.

Next up are the gameplay and presentation. The gameplay is the standard visual novel fare with multiple choices. While there is a choice that ultimately determines which wolf the human romances the other dialogue options throughout the game do have an effect on what ending “plreaders” get. The presentation is pretty good, showing how much Razzart Visual’s team improves with each new title. The backgrounds and flashy intro effects for ome CGs (introduced in Love Ribbon) encapsulate a Winter mountain retreat. The soundtrack is solid fitting the snowy motif.

Now like Catch Canvas and Happy Campers Wolf Tails’ avatar is “invisible” for the most part. However, unlike those two games the writing in Wolf Tails clearly identifies the gender of the avatar. Basically yuri fans can tell the avatar is a woman thanks to the writing and during some CGs showing glimpses of the woman. In this case Ophelia II, sister of Catch Canvas’ Ophelia I and cousin of Happy Campers’ Henrietta, is an attractive short haired brunette.

Next let us briefly go over the ladies’ personalities: Mirari is well-mannered and caring but also headstrong when it comes to what it is she wants. Fuyu is a strong fighter with an equally strong sense of duty…but also a tsundere. Nuff said. Ophelia does not get along well with other people but has a good heart deep down. Both sides are well versed in their respective cultures and compare knowledge on their own crafts and lack thereof of the other side’s. Without giving too much away the characters’ personalities also determines their skills…in the bedroom. Very nice.

Overall Wolf Tails is a short and sweet game that has cuteness and discussions about cultures. The lead wolves are adorable, sexy and likable and the human avatar (depending on the choices made) is cool too. Recommended to Yuri fans (or people who want to go het if they wish) and fans of Razzart Visual’s work.


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10 Responses to Wolf Tails Review

  1. Naru says:

    Literally told my friend today I’m waiting for your review. Sold.


    Liked by 1 person

  2. tsubasasfamily says:

    The endings are totally crazy imo, but I agree that this was a good, enjoyable VN. I’m glad they took the time to make the female route read as an actual yuri route and not a het route in disguise. Thanks for the review!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Very cute, but too short…. 😦


  4. appbeza says:

    Can I romance both to create a poly relationship?


  5. The Otaku Judge says:

    Sounds like a good VN and the artwork is nice. I think I would go for the Fuyu route, as I have a soft spot for tsunderes.


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