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380th G-View: Zombie Land Saga

Fans were waiting a long time for me to review the following show. Wait no longer for it is finally here as we take a look at the zombie idol anime Zombie Land Saga.

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364th G-View: Calamity of a Zombie Girl

This is why I am thankful to the Yuri Council. As my closest confidants they inform me of titles with potential I may have overlooked such as this ONA. Let us take a look at whether this little movie that … Continue reading

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Lollipop Chainsaw: Preview

I’m very puzzled by the inexplicable popularity of the out of nowhere rise of the zombie apocalypse genre. Seriously, since when has this genre become popular? I highly doubt it was because of Resident Evil series. Heck they even stopped … Continue reading

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101st G-View: Kore wa Zombie Desuka?

Hello and welcome to the G-Views, where creativity is respected and Dokuro-chan is rejected. After a week long break, I’m back and ready to roll. So this time let’s take a look at a show that I’ve been eagerly awaiting … Continue reading

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57th G-View: High School of the Dead

Hello and welcome to G-Views, where SoL reigns supreme, moe is respected and Dokuro-chan sucks poopie. What do you get when you mix a zombie apocalypse storyline with a basic ecchi anime school setting, why HotD of course. Yeah, I’ve … Continue reading

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