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200th G-View: RWBY Season 1

I was initially thinking of reviewing something special to commemorate my 200th anime review and I figured that since this show’s first season ended recently it would be the perfect show. Besides, what’s more special than an anime that was … Continue reading

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181st G-View: Upotte!!

There’s a reason I delayed this one for so long, it’s because I had no initial interest in picking it up. However, because it had milimoe/moetary elements (More on those terms in the next post) I figured I’d give it … Continue reading

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162nd G-View: Jormungand: A tale of guns, blood and wacko hooters

Hey doods and peeps. Welcome to another episode of The G-Views. As you can tell, despite not talking about many shows this season, I haven’t been completely out of the loop, which is the case with the following kickass show … Continue reading

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