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Yuri Quickie: My Master Has no Tail

Here we have another anime about comediennes similar to Joshiraku and TEPPEN!!!!!!!!!!!!! with the main difference being it is historical and they are sitting down. Even so it is still mostly a show about “comedy girls” so close enough. This … Continue reading

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Yuri ASMR and Yuri Comedy Impressions

I am watching both these anime on the side but neither has the right material for me to work with in a weekly episodic format. Instead I chose to let peeps know what to expect from them based on my … Continue reading

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OG’s Fall 2022 Anime Picks

It’s that time again to announce the shows I’ll watch and most likely cover. As always the list is subject to change depending on my mood. Picks based on these links: Link 1 Link 2 MUST WATCH

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