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Yuri Talk: OG’s 10 Favorite Taboo Yuri Couples (Since 2018)

It’s the first week of 2019 on the date this post is written and due to my not being ready to post my “Favorite Anime of 2018” list yet I asked myself “What would be a neat topic to discuss? … Continue reading

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A Kiss for the Petals: The New Generation Now Available for Purchase

The wait is over Nation! The highly anticipated SonoHana title is now available for all to pick up and enjoy! Buy the game at Mangagamer HERE. Special thanks go to Mangagamer and Team AXYPB for localizing this yurirific title in … Continue reading

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OG Returns and Has Some Catching up to do

Yes. Your fearless leader has come home at last and BOY do I have a lot to catch up on. First of all some announcements of future releases and other stuff.

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A Kiss For the Petals: The New Generation Coming to the West

The title speaks for itself. My reaction: I’LL FINALLY GET TO SEE THE TWINS’ LOVE STORY IN ENGLISH WITH NO INTERRUPTIONS! Doesn’t feel the same watching Youtube translations. Oh and this announcement was made during Mangagamer’s Otakon 2016 panel.

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St Michael Girls’ School Game Plots Revealed

As soon as I posted the news about the new Hanabira Website, Team AXYPB managed to get some more info on the two new games mentioned featuring the six newcomers and Risa x Miya.

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