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More Symphogear Coming In the Future

Thomas Romain, the art setting designer behind the Symphogear series sent out this tweet to commemorate GX’s successful sales: Symphogear GX is the best selling anime of the summer season in Japan! Which means… Symphogear will come back again! Thank … Continue reading

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260th G-View: Senki Zeshou Symphogear GX

Usually when it comes to a series of any kind, when the second entry is a surprising success that means the third entry could either disappoint or miraculously keep the goodness going strong. Was that the case for the third … Continue reading

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Symphogear GX Episode 9: Heritage Woes

This week was Tsubasa’s turn to confront her father. Did she fare better resolving things than Hibiki?

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Symphogear GX Episode 8: Death Love, DEATH!

Hibiki faced her past and another epic moment awaited us this week.

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Symphogear GX Episode 7: Epic Maria Time!

Maria fans had plenty of reason to get psyched up this week.

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