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473rd G-View: Prima Doll

A show about cute robot girls in a post-war steampunk world. If that got your attention join me as we find out if Prima Doll is worth checking out.

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Sugar & Massacre Kickstarter

Here’s an interesting sounding Visual Novel with an equally interesting premise. It is Sugar and Massacre. An 18+ Cyberpunk Fantasy Yuri VN from a team led by Eora. Featuring a cast of ladies of all shapes and sizes.

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332nd G-View: Princess Principal

Cute and sexy spies doing spy things and looking cute and sexy while doing so in a steampunk 20th century England. Need I say more? This is Princess Principal.

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163rd G-View: Last Exile; -Fam, The Silver Wing

Hey doods and peeps. Welcome to another episode of The G-Views. As you can see, I took time off from playing Neptunia to backtrack on some shows I have yet to finish and this is one of them. The second … Continue reading

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