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Heart of the Woods Review

(Review code provided by Studio Élan) The wait for this game was a long with lots of hype going into it for it is the debut title of Studio Élan. Join me as we venture forth into a world full … Continue reading

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338th G-View: Konohana Kitan

The following show is about a group of lesbian fox girls working at a hot springs inn serving guests based Japanese mythology and folklore. That should be more than enough to get most Yuri fans interested but of course I … Continue reading

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315th G-View: Urara Meirochou

A show about cute girls doing cute things while learning to become great fortune tellers. Sounds like a concept for a delightful Girls Club show. Question is whether it was or not. Let us find out as we take a … Continue reading

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167th G-View: Inu x Boku: SS

Greetings Haunters of darkness and welcome to another G-View. I’m working on a third intro right now. I wonder how long it’ll last? Anyway, today we’re taking a look at a show whose main flaw is obvious from the moment … Continue reading

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