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Kill la Kill The Game: IF Review

(Note: Review Code Provided by PQube) Of all Studio Trigger works produced my favorite one is Kill la Kill with its over the top action, unapologetic content, animation and humor that remind me of late 80’s and 90’s action cartoons/anime. … Continue reading

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YMC #78: Uta-Kata (By Your Average Joe)

Note from OG: Readers curious about the anime version of Uta-Kata can check out my review HERE. 5th Manga Review: Uta-Kata Genres: Drama, Ecchi, Fantasy, Shoujo, Shoujo Ai, Shounen Length: 7 chapters, completed By: Koume Keito & gimik Story: The … Continue reading

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YMC #34: Stray Little Devil

This manga had been delayed for far too long. How many years had it been since I announced that I would read and finish this manga? Well I finally picked it up and “SPOILERS”, wished I had read it SOONER! … Continue reading

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YMC #9: Shitsurakuen

Last time on YMC, we took a look at a serious drama. Now it’s time to enter the world of bizarre logic (even for anime standards), a yuri harem. This is Shitsurakuen. deviantart by ~Kamykori

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146th G-View: Kimi to Boku

Hey doods and peeps, welcome to another episode of The G-Views. Men aren’t all about breasts, butt cheeks, sexually portrayed little girls and steroids. As hard as it is for people, especially Westerners to believe, men DO have a sensitive … Continue reading

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