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Yuri Fan showcase: Desktopnexus Shoujo-Ai Group

A yuri fan requested sharing their Desktopnexus yuri group and here it is. Check it out HERE and join the group if you so wish. From the looks of it Desktopnexus is a group discussion and wallpaper sharing site of … Continue reading

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YMC #70: Himitsu no Hanazono (By goodboy64)

O’er yonder where that light kiss the sky. Spoilers be there! Oh, how things never change. It’s 2016 already, and that only further proves the phrase ‘the more things change, the more things stay the same.’ And nothing proves that … Continue reading

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YMC #66: Girl’s Ride (by goodboy64)

Slight spoilers ahead! Hi, welcome. It’s been while, huh? It’s definitely gotten colder since the last time. Ah, I know! How about we get together and warm up with some nice, cozy yuri. It is Christmas time, after all, and … Continue reading

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YMC #64: Clover (by goodboy64)

Slight spoilers ahead! Yuri is something that can definitely be enjoyed in short bursts, as is evidenced by what I’ve ended up gravitating towards when I look for something new to read. A handful of chapters? Great! I can knock … Continue reading

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Yuri Talk: A Tribute to Shoujoai.com

So recently some light had been shed on the ultimate fate of the site that helped mold me into the yuri ambassador/overlord I am today and so I figured I would pay tribute to the site I consider my yuri … Continue reading

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