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Yuri Quickie: SSSS.Gridman

When it comes to mainstream sweetheart anime, specifically “sweethearts”, I rarely give in to the hype and join the party. It didn’t happen with C.C. (Code GEASS), Hestia (DanMachi) or 002 (FranXX). If spinoffs like Sword Oratoria or Gun Gale … Continue reading

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278th G-View: Galaxy Fraulein Yuna (By The Yuri Canon)

Note from OG: Before Iono-Sama built a yuri kingdom there was another yuri harem mistress: “The Galactic Chick Magnet”, Yuna Kagurazaka. Well I’m back, I’ve been asked to write about some of the yuri series of old. Sort of A” … Continue reading

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221st G-View: Robot Girls Z

Mecha is one of my least favorite anime genres…unless the protagonists are female and the show is mostly lighthearted until it gets serious. Girls cosplaying as famous anime robots in a parody/spoof show works too. This is Robot Girls Z.

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