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Introducing Little Battleship Studios

Many moons ago when “ShoujoAi.com” was still around an RPGMaker game popped up called “Embric at Wulfhammer Castle“. It was an interesting game indeed. Last I heard of the developer they released a Deluxe Edition before disappearing from my radar. … Continue reading

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Diamond Dust New Media Yuri Webcomic Company Promotion

Here’s a quick promotion for a Patreon page of a small company whose main goal is to produce a webcomic series and other stuff on the side but mainly the yuri webcomic, Diamond Dust. “The director, Rasp, is creating a … Continue reading

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New Exclusive Story on Patreon! (By DrAnimaniac)

Sharing a project courtesy of a good friend of mine, Dr Animaniac. Rather than explaining what it is about I’ll have the good Doctor tell everyone herself: “The current featured story is called The Valkyrie Princess and it’s a Sci-fi … Continue reading

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