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366th G-View: Ongaku Shoujo TV

The following show is an interesting one. From the get-go people could tell right away it would have a hard time grabbing people’s attention for long. There were two major factors working against it, which I will get to in … Continue reading

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OG’s Summer Shows He’s Watching but not Covering Weekly: Round 2

Summer has been a most interesting season to say the least. While I’m not covering every show I’m still watching rest assured I have yet to drop any show I talked about at least once this season, even curiosities. In … Continue reading

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Ongaku Shoujo Episode 1: Interesting Newcomer

Here’s the next show of the Summer season I’ve had my eyes on. Unfortunately it’s not a continuation of the OVA and its leads, which made some fans feel bitter (Similar to how uber μ’s diehards feel about Aqours but … Continue reading

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Ongaku Shoujo Anime Announced For Summer 2018

Remember that delightful little short that aired at Anime Mirai 2015? That short about a blonde genki and a blue haired tsundere who ended up becoming an ambiguously gay idol couple? (Click HERE for a refresher). Well good things come … Continue reading

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Yuri Quickie: Ongaku Shoujo

I seriously hope this gets the Little Witch Academia treatment and gets a sequel because I want to see more. Like Yuru Yuri Nachuyachumi! this will be covered like an episodic rather than a review.

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