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342nd G-View: Two Car

Two words, wasted potential. What could have been another enjoyable show about a group of girls coming together to go on cycling or motorcycling adventures. What we got instead was…find out as we take a look at Two-Car. Been a … Continue reading

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291st G-View: Bakuon!!

I do not have much an intro for this show. Let us not waste time and shift into turbo as we ride along the Girls Club road of Bakuon!! and see if the finish line will bring the interested joy … Continue reading

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YMC #66: Girl’s Ride (by goodboy64)

Slight spoilers ahead! Hi, welcome. It’s been while, huh? It’s definitely gotten colder since the last time. Ah, I know! How about we get together and warm up with some nice, cozy yuri. It is Christmas time, after all, and … Continue reading

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