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353rd G-View: Mitsuboshi Colors

Compared to my previous review of Pop Team Epic this show will be much simpler to describe. Let us talk about Mitsuboshi Colors.

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Mitsuboshi Start Episode 8: Day in the Museum of Moe Goodness

As usual brief coverage of Mitsuboshi Colors followed by more emphasis on Slow Start.

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Mitsuboshi Start Episode 7: Inglorious Gloriousness

Maybe I should give Mauron or Zack the duty of writing episodics for Mitsuboshi Colors because as fun as it is to watch I don’t have much to say about it. Eh. A lot of people like it so they … Continue reading

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Slow Colors Beer Episode 6: Adorable Lesbian Salad

Been a while since we talked about Takunomi. but this week’s episode was one worthy of discussion. Let’s first briefly go over Colors as it’s the quickest one to talk about.

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Mitsuboshi Start Episode 5: Moetopia

Let’s briefly go over Mitsuboshi and go right to Slow Start this time.

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