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387th G-View: Maerchen Maedchen

This show had quite the bumpy journey reaching its conclusion. Long story short it was revealed the staff were being horribly mistreated during production to the point that the animation quality in later episodes got worse and the pacing felt … Continue reading

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Märchen Mädchen Episode 8: Team Japan vs Team Russia

After the end of this episode it was announced the next one would be delayed by two weeks or so due to “quality control”. Something similar happened to Long Riders and sin: Nanatsu no Taizai. It’s also unknown when episodes … Continue reading

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Märchen Mädchen Episode 7: Comrades Aplenty

This episode takes place a few days before the Hexennacht tournament revolving around Team Russia. Let’s find out what kind of group they are.

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Märchen Mädchen Episode 6: It’s Time!

At long last. The moment many of us had been waiting for had come. Let’s find out how it went down.

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Märchen Mädchen Episode 5: Hazuki’s Resolve

The previous episode ended in a real downer so let’s find out how our adorable heroine responded to the harsh words from the person she cared about most.

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