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360th G-View: Comic Girls

A Girls Club anime about cute and sexy girls drawing manga is not unique as it has been done before in past anime like Mangirl and Doujin Work. However, there seemed to be a brighter aura being emanated from this … Continue reading

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Yuri Talk: An Analysis of the Demographic of Yuri Mangaka and Fans (By Zeria)

Note: I already shared this post on the Yuri Nation Facebook Page. It was only right to do so at my main base of operations as well. Check out this in-depth research by Zeria from Floating Bliss on the people … Continue reading

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YMC #73: Renai Manga (By Your Average Joe)

Name: Renai Manga Genres: Abandonment issues, Comedy, Mangaka, Romance, Yuri Length: 6 chapters + 2 bonus chapters (very short Manga!) By: Kodama Naoko Status: Completed Story: A.K.A. My Loved Cartoonist and Clumsy Me  New manga editor Haruka has just been … Continue reading

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