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The Stargazers Remastered Kickstarter (Cancelled)

I brought up the announcement by Lupiesoft regarding a remastered version The Stargazers in this VN Update post. Here we are now with a followup to that announcement, a Kickstarter campaign. Update: Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances beyond the company’s … Continue reading

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Mutiny!! Now Available for Purchase (NSFW)

Lupiesoft‘s latest title, Mutiny!!, is now available for purchase on Nutaku. Before sharing the link there are a few things worth mentioning besides the following warning. WARNING! Alongside the main yuri Mutiny!! also features futanari yuri. This post also contains … Continue reading

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Anime Weekend Atlanta 2016 Yuri Announcements

This weekend, at the time of this writing, was the time for this year’s Anime Weekend Atlanta conference. Let us first talk about two particular titles announced by Sekai Project and Denpasoft. and then Mangagamer‘s announcement of interest.

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Journey to Lungarde. An Interview With Lupiesoft Director Taosym

Here I am once more interviewing an interesting person leading an interesting game developing company manned by an interesting staff with interesting ideas. This time I will be interviewing Lupiesoft‘s Lead Artist/Director, Taosym as we discuss Lupiesoft’s upcoming yurirific visual/kinetic … Continue reading

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The Stargazers. A space yuri VN on Steam Greenlight

Here we have another Sekai Project sponsored Steam Greenlight yuri game. Ever since the game was announced on Yurijam I patiently waited for Lupiesoft‘s latest entry as fans continued waiting for Dizzy Hearts (which thankfully is making progress) to one … Continue reading

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