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390th G-View: Love Live! Sunshine!! School Idol Movie Over The Rainbow

The wait for translations of this movie was, as often is the case for anime movies, a long one but patient Western fans were rewarded with an eventual release. Question is whether the wait was worth it or not. Was … Continue reading

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Fly Me To The Stars: NozoEli Style

@Loli_Tsubasa made a delightful discovery. The Revue Starlight ED but with Nozomi X Eli from Love Live’s μ’s. My best guess is this is the Junna X Banana version. Special thanks to nyet Blue for making the video.

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219th G-View: Love Live! 2

With the well deserved success of the first Love Live a second season was inevitable. How well did it fare compared to its impressive predecessor? Let’s find out as we take a look at the second season of Love Live! … Continue reading

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Love Live: School Idol Festival Released in English this Week

It happened earlier this week and the only reason I didn’t talk about sooner is because it’s for iOS and Android Smart Phones. I only use cell phones for making calls and checking the time. Basically the rhythm idol manager … Continue reading

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Life Lessons: Umbrellas Are Better than Engagement Rings

Readers can contribute to this fact by adding their own images of lovely couples saying their vows, on a rainy day, under their umbrellas.

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