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375th G-View: Uzamaid!

An anime that at first I was quite wary of as my preference when it comes to age-gap yuri is for the younger of the two ladies to have at least hit puberty or preferably be in her mid-late teens. … Continue reading

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A Kiss for the Petals 7: Sweet Enchanting Kisses

Well doods and peeps, I’ve delayed this one long enough. It’s finally time to talk about…episode 7. Hoo boy, this is going be rough. Warning: For those uncomfortable with pedophilia/lolicon or don’t like to read my rants, I suggest skipping … Continue reading

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Hanabira 7 patch released

For those interested or haven’t played this one yet, the most controversial couple in the Sono Hanabira series’ English patch was released today. Why did I only post this update here instead of all the other patches previously released? The … Continue reading

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124th G-View: Controversial Edition 3: Kodomo no Jikan

Before I begin, I would like to give a shout out to my good friend, Chocokara, as I like to call him, who will undergo one of his greatest challenges this week, an operation on his legs. I pray that … Continue reading

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