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Yuri Talk: “Fire X Ice” Couples

One of my fans brought the following yuri couple archetype as an interesting subject to talk about because they have been prevalent in many recent shows featuring or centered around yuri pairings/couples. I am referring to the “energetic X cold” … Continue reading

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325th G-View: Little Witch Academia TV

So here we are with a show that started off as “The little show that could”. From a pilot to a special, then Kickstarter and finally a PS4 game. Suffice to say people were really looking forward to a full … Continue reading

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Uma Musume Anime Announced, Kase-San Update and Some Other Stuff

Let’s see how this goes.

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Little Witch Academia TV Episode 11: Mystery of the Seal

Taking a break from the enjoyable misadventures of Akko this episode to focus on the main plot for a change.

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Little Witch Academia TV Episode 10: Zinger Stinger

So this episode is about going to a ball and there’s a bee. Hijinks ensued as usual in this show. Readers wondering why I didn’t cover episode 9, not much to say about it. It was a decent episode with … Continue reading

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