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Yuri Talk: Foreign Exchange

I always wonder why the EuroNippon (and other similar) pairing is so fascinating. WARNING! The adverb “usually” is utilized quite a bit in this post.

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Kiniro Mosaic Second Season Announced

The best part of this announcement is that it is not a surprise in the slightest but it’s still great news nonetheless. Source: http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2014-03-20/kinmoza/kin-iro-mosaic-schoolgirl-anime-gets-sequel Other than a Kiniro concert on May 4th, a release date for the second season has … Continue reading

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OG’s Unpopular Anime and Gaming Opinions

Yumeka and Macho Chikorita posted their unpopular anime opinions so I figured I’d post some myself. I’m not known for being controversial so do not expect anything jaw dropping. I’ll divide the opinions in anime and video games like the … Continue reading

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Yuri Couples Festival 2013

After several delays due to school and the Fall schedule having had promising couples, it is finally time to begin the voting for the yuri nation’s favorite couples per show. I’ll be missing some couples but the main reason is…I’m … Continue reading

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188th G-View: Kiniro Mosaic

After this show faded to black, my heart ached. The saddest moment of my 2013 anime viewing, so far, is when this show ended. This is Kiniro Mosaic. For the time being, despite there not being any on screen kisses, … Continue reading

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