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306th G-View: KEIJO!!!!!!!!

So we had groups of cute and sexy women (with some lesbians usually added to the mix) make an impact in several kinds of sports over the years including baseball, mahjong, ping pong, kendo, professional wrestling, mixed martial arts and … Continue reading

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KEIJO!!!!!!!! Episode 1: Bikini Sumo Wrestling

Finally. OG’s #1 hyped Fall anime had premiered and the question was whether it was worth the wait. Let us find out.

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KEIJO!!!!!!!! Anime Coming this Fall

Oh yes. My hype for this anime since its announcement was so big that it deserves its own post rather than simply updating my Fall 2016 viewing schedule. Frickin’ bikini sumo wrestling(-ish)! You bet your asses I’m excited! In fact, … Continue reading

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OG’s Fall 2016 Anime Picks

This post which I wrote months ago is here to remind fans that I’ll be going on vacation from October 10th to November 8th. Around that time I’ll more than likely not post anything but know that upon my return … Continue reading

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