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KanColle S2 Episodes 1-3: Rogue Kantai

It’s time to talk about the first couple of episodes in the second season of Kantai Collection. One thing to keep in mind. So far this is a more serious story than last time, meaning fewer jokes and less of … Continue reading

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328th G-View: Kantai Collection: The Movie

Not much of an intro for this one. It is the Kantai Collection movie. What more needs to be said? NOTE: The story takes place after the events of the main series so expect spoilers. Check out my review of … Continue reading

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Victory Belles Kickstarter

Silly me for having overlooked this game. Due to there being recent titles taking place in an all-girls prison or tank girls opened my eyes but then I read “starring insert male name here” I walked away. Silly me for … Continue reading

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KanColle Movie Trailer

A sneak peek at who will be in the movie and one of the abyssal threats our favorite ship girls will have to face.

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Kantai Collection Animated Movie Announced For 2016

At the end of the KanColle anime it was revealed that there would be a continuation. Now fans know exactly what kind. KanColle the animated movie was announced for 2016. Stay tuned for a sneak peek at the trailer when … Continue reading

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