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The Alpha Female Cometh. An Interview With Alpha’s Adventures Developer Officer You

I feel The Yuri Nation was in need of not only more yuri harems but also more sexy muscular lesbians. Jormungand’s Valmet was a GLORIOUS example but we need more buff babes, especially gay ones. Enter Officer You of Onee-Sama … Continue reading

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Journey to Lungarde. An Interview With Lupiesoft Director Taosym

Here I am once more interviewing an interesting person leading an interesting game developing company manned by an interesting staff with interesting ideas. This time I will be interviewing Lupiesoft‘s Lead Artist/Director, Taosym as we discuss Lupiesoft’s upcoming yurirific visual/kinetic … Continue reading

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Preparing for a Yuri Road Trip: An Interview With Highway Blossoms Developer, J. Kaplan

Well. Here I am again helping the Yuri Nation get psyched up for another highly anticipated Yuri title. That being the #YuriRoadTrip, #YuriGoldRush, #YuriTruckers North American road trip themed yuri Kinetic Novel, Alienworks’ Highway Blossoms. Join me as I interview … Continue reading

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An Interview with Ne no Kami Developer, Fenrir Vier

With the recent success of the Ne No Kami Indiegogo Campaign now was the best time to give both backers and other Yuri Nation members who are excited for this title a small taste of what we can expect from … Continue reading

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OG Ventures into the Adorably Insane Mind of The Yuri Canon

Last time I explored the adorably twisted mind of Ebi-Hime, known for her visual novels that are both adorable and sometimes dark. This time I will interview a veteran of the yuri nation who had been part of it for … Continue reading

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