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Yuri Talk: Yuri Night Edition 1 Special Coverage

In January 2018 Aldre Chulia and INFINITO attended Yuri Night 0 and got some interesting information from the discussion. Here they are again sharing details on Night 1 of what will hopefully be a multi-part annual tradition. Grab some popcorn … Continue reading

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HELLO!! Kiniro Mosaic and Yuyushiki Getting Bonus Episodes

From ANN articles: Saturday’s “Hello!! KINMOZA & Yuyushiki Joint Class Reunion” event at AnimeJapan 2016 announced that production on new special anime episodes based on Komata Mikami‘s  manga Yuyushiki and Yui Hara‘s  manga Kiniro Mosaic have been green-lit. Good news. … Continue reading

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Yuri Talk: Soft Yuri

This term was brought up by Dimdom89 who mentioned that it was the new term for yuri subtext in Japan. Let’s briefly go over what classifies as soft yuri. For this post I will be using examples from 2015.

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Filler Post: GochiKinMoWaka Chart

Yup, another one of these. It also gave me an excuse to finally post something Wakaba Girl related to the blog. From left to right, Moeko is the “cute one” of the group. Nao is a well-endowed tomboy who wants … Continue reading

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246th G-View: HELLO!! Kiniro Mosaic

This will be a short and sweet review of the second season of the Girls Club extravaganza known as Kiniro Mosaic, HELLO!! Kiniro Mosaic. Here’s the review of the 1st season:Kiniro Mosaic

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