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Hai-Furi Movie Announced

It was recently announced that Hai-Furi will be getting a movie. Whether it’s set after the events of the two sequel OVAs remains to be see. No premiere date announced as of yet.   "High School Fleet" new anime film … Continue reading

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Hai-Furi Episode 13: Secret Agent Koko

I originally planned on discussing both this and the Vivid Strike bonus episode but the latter is just a cute post-epilogue beach episode which, while it featured some sexy bodies didn’t have enough material to write an episodic. I suppose … Continue reading

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293rd G-View: Hai-Furi

What was initially expected to another Girls Club anime that took place on ships ended up being something almost entirely different. This is Hai-Furi or High School Fleet in the West.

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Hai-Furi Episode 11: Leader’s Woe

The fated struggle could no longer be delayed. The day Captain Mike had dreaded for a long time had come. Would she and the rest of the Harekaze crew be prepared?

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Hai-Furi Episode 10: Much Needed Breather

With a big battle coming up in the show’s climax this week’s episode was as good of a time as any to take a well-deserved breather.

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