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OG’s Top 10 Favorite Anime of 2019

Happy Perfect Day (New Year) 2020 doods and peeps! Another year (and decade for 90’s kids, which I assume are most of my readers and passerby) is in the books and I will go into more detail talking about it … Continue reading

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395th G-View: GRANBELM

We have seen several incarnations of the Moepocalypse subgenre over the years from default magical girl to ecchi military. With this show we can add mecha to the mix. Let us find out whether the mix was good or not … Continue reading

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GRANBELM Episode 12: The Final Night

It was the beginning of the end. Were our lovelies ready for what Suishou had in store in the decisive battle?

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GRANBELM Episode 11: Penultimate Resolve

A lot was said this episode but it can be summed up in a few sentences, which I will attempt to do. SPOILERS, I failed.

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GRANBELM Episode 10: Tragic Truth Bombs

No point hiding it any longer. The show was like “Yeah we’re done sugarcoating. This is a Moepocalypse show”.

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