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Yuri Talk: goo Ranking’s Best Heisei Era Yuri Anime Poll

What do you say we take a look at another yuri poll. Kim Morrissy posted on ANN the results of a goo Ranking Japan poll to to determine the best yuri anime that aired during the “Heisei Era” (January 8th, … Continue reading

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SeaBed Release Date Announced + Bonus News

The first news is an update on the recently announced drama-heavy Yuri mystery Visual Novel SeaBed.

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Girls und Panzer “Final Chapter” Announced

It was announced at the “Girls und Panzer Heartful Tank Carnival II” event that there will be one more animated Garupan project. Dunno when it’ll premiere or how long it’ll be but it’s nice to know that there will be … Continue reading

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Girls und Panzer 11+12: Final Battle

Yeah, I know I’m late with covering the final match but I had other priorities. I shall now proceed to talk about the final match between sisters. This match should keep me satisfied as I continue to wait for that … Continue reading

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180th G-View: Girls und Panzer

Cute girls driving tanks. It’s like two male (and some female) fetishes in one. Let’s take a look at Girls und Panzer. I could swear I heard a rendition of this song during the show or maybe it’s just I … Continue reading

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