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Yuri Quickie: Alice in Deadly School

Remember the Episode 0 New Year’s Special premiere of the Gekidol anime that included both Episode 1 and a play called Alice in Deadly School? At first it seemed unrelated to the Gekidol anime but later our heroines took part … Continue reading

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439th G-View: Gekidol

This is one of those rare anime where enjoyment really does depend on who one asks. I do not mean in “I do not like this genre” or “the girls all look same-y”. I am referring to people who watched … Continue reading

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Gekidol Episode 11: The Curtain Rises

It’s time to finally explain what’s going on with the Sci-fi stuff. Because of that our heroines took a backseat this episode for the most part.

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Gekidol Episode 10: Before the Curtain

Some more revelations along with a big play preparation.

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Gekidol Episode 9: Roots

With Wonder Egg being a recap episode this week let’s focus on Gekidol.

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