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323rd G-View: Frame Arms Girl

While I know that the concept of an anime about a boy/girl and their living female action figures is not new as it has been done before a couple of times like Rozen Maiden and Busou Shinki, this is the … Continue reading

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Frame Arms Girl Episode 3: More Lily Action Figures

If this show ends up being the story of a girl collecting lesbian action figures then I have no problem with that whatsoever.

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Frame Arms Girl 1-2: Lily Action Figures

When I first saw the premiere I thought it was enjoyable and would be a fun show to watch on the side but with little to discuss. Then episode 2 happened…But, I think we are getting a little ahead of … Continue reading

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OG’s Spring Anime 2017 Picks

Fans know the drill by now. I pick shows that intrigue me and will be covered on the blog. If there are other shows that grab my interest during the season I’ll cover them as well. Picks based on these … Continue reading

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