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Filler Post: Lesbian Grasslands (Special Thanks to @widhoemaker)

A recent tweet train showed me a very important yuri discovery. That being lesbians enjoy chillaxing together looking up at the skies while holding hands or embracing their loved ones. Thanks to the tweet I shall now share a slew … Continue reading

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Filler Post: GochiKinMoWaka Chart

Yup, another one of these. It also gave me an excuse to finally post something Wakaba Girl related to the blog. From left to right, Moeko is the “cute one” of the group. Nao is a well-endowed tomboy who wants … Continue reading

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Filler Post: Kiniro Mosaic 2 Relationship Chart

After the positive reception of the OFFICIAL Nanoha-Verse Relationship Chart here we have another OFFICIAL relationship chart this time featuring the cast of Kinmosa 2. I guess SPOILER WARNING but is one really necessary for a show like this?

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Filler Post: KorrAsami Research

Since many nation members went nuts over the events of The Legend of Korra finale I have decided that since the series is now over the time has come to binge. Besides I was planning to marathon Korra once it … Continue reading

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Filler Post: Yuka Otsubo, The next big Yuri star?

Looks like it. SUBTLE SPOILERS for some shows.

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