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Multi-Game Announcements

Instead of posting these separately let’s relish all the following game announcements in one go.

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Dizzy Hearts Planned Release Schedule

Recently Studio Lupiesoft posted an update on how the release of their latest game, Dizzy Hearts, is coming along. Due to many circumstances this year beyond their control there was a change of plans and the game will release in … Continue reading

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Dizzy Hearts Set for Winter Release

Lupiesoft fans prepare yourselves. In late 2018 (December) or most likely early 2019 the company will release their magnum opus. A game over five years in the making. Dizzy Hearts.

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Dizzy Hearts Voice Acting Project Kickstarter

More Lupiesoft goodness to promote, specifically their long awaited magnum opus. The “Wrestlemania” oftheir visual novel archives basically. That being Dizzy Hearts. However, this Kickstarter campaign is not to fund the project. That’s already taken care of. Rather it is … Continue reading

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Journey to Lungarde. An Interview With Lupiesoft Director Taosym

Here I am once more interviewing an interesting person leading an interesting game developing company manned by an interesting staff with interesting ideas. This time I will be interviewing Lupiesoft‘s Lead Artist/Director, Taosym as we discuss Lupiesoft’s upcoming yurirific visual/kinetic … Continue reading

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