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252nd G-View Controversial Edition: Cross Ange

My initial disdain for the following anime’s first 5 episodes are well known amongst my fans and foes. Cross Trash was the title I gave the show for a while and I was convinced it would be a long time … Continue reading

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Life Lessons: Knowing When Enough is Enough

In the Fall 2014 season there was one anime that took the aniblogger community by storm. A show I am certain very few of my readers had heard of. A little show called Cross Ange.

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Cross Ange Episode 5: Do or Die

So this week I made a decision. Episode 5 would be the make or break episode. If this episode failed to impress me or made my blood boil to the point of eruption I’d be done.

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Cross Ange Episode 4: High School Jailhouse

That about sums this week up.

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Cross Ange Episode 3: Testing my patience

Hopefully after this week I will no longer need to have my patience tested.

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