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452nd G-View Aquatope of White Sand

I went into this show cautiously optimistic. I was like “Just because currently more popular yuri content creators bought into the hype does not mean I will be as ecstatic to see it though I am not pessimistic either.”. Question … Continue reading

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Yuri Quickie: Our Seven Days War

I legitimately had not heard about this movie (That or I completely forgot about it. Probably a little of both) until a new Twitter follower checked out the blog and was like “Dood. I’m sad you haven’t reviewed this movie … Continue reading

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423rd G-View: Steven Universe

Time to cover the second animated series about humanoid gems or precious stones on this blog. It is about a human boy with superpowers and his three guardians from outer space. Let us take a look at Steven Universe, what … Continue reading

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419th G-View: She-Ra and the Princesses of Power (Final)

I admittedly got lazy and instead of continuing to cover every season bit by bit I instead chose to wait for its eventual conclusion and write one definitive G-View of the series. Well on May 2020 the fifth and final … Continue reading

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409th G-View: Star ☆ Twinkle PreCure

This being the first entry after the awesomeness that was the 15th Anniversary season I was not expecting it to neither equal or surpass Hugtto! I just hoped for another fun entry in the franchise. Let us find out what … Continue reading

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