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Citrus Plus Spinoff Manga Announced for Winter 2018

I rarely report manga news around here but I figured since it is inescapable I might as well talk about it too. Fans of the Citrus manga were aware the series finale hit stores the weekend of the writing of … Continue reading

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Yuri Talk: “Fire X Ice” Couples

One of my fans brought the following yuri couple archetype as an interesting subject to talk about because they have been prevalent in many recent shows featuring or centered around yuri pairings/couples. I am referring to the “energetic X cold” … Continue reading

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350th G-View: Citrus (TV)

So here we are at last. Looking at what was considered one of the most highly anticipated yuri anime back when it was first announced. It made it clear back then that I did not share the excitement as I … Continue reading

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Citrus Episode 11: Silver Dilemma

The Silver Twins Chapter/Arc continues. Let’s see if business picked up this episode.

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Citrus Episode 10: The Silver Twins + OG’s Truth

So here it is. The ultimate challenge for this anime adaptation. The Silver Twins Chapter/Arc. I will also finally reveal why I lost interest in the manga years ago.

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