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441st G-View: WIXOSS Diva(A)Live

Let us get this out of the way from the get go. This installment of WIXOSS is overall not a dark/moepocalypse show like its two predecessors (Selector and Lostorage) and tells its own story, meaning it has nothing to do … Continue reading

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Planet Stronghold: Colonial Defense Out now on Steam

Sci-Fi themed card game with a neat art style, visual novel elements and yuri routes courtesy of Winter Wolves Games. This is the sequel to Planet Stronghold whose events are set prior to it, Planet Stronghold: Colonial Defense.

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229th G-View: Selector Spread WIXOSS

Warning! The comments section of this review will contain SPOILERS. It is recommended to skip past posted comments unless the reader has also watched both seasons. This is Selector Spread WIXOSS. Here’s the season 1 review: 212th G-View: Selector Infected WIXOSS

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212th G-View: Selector Infected WIXOSS

Let me start this one by avoiding sugarcoating things. Viewers who dislike angst filled storylines should not bother picking this one up. The same goes for the “It’s a Madoka and Yu-Gi-Oh ripoff” crowd. If readers do not have an … Continue reading

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