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YMC #40: Notes From the Garden of Lilies

Seme and Uke relationship at its finest. Maybe not but these two ladies sure know how to do it softcore. This is Notes From the Garden of Lilies.

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Yuri Talk: Kimochi no Katachi (Spoiler Warning) and the fear of a judgmental society

This is a follow-up to bring forth a point and also trying to discuss a matter that I figure others have talked about before me. Still, I feel like I should at least add my 50 cents. Think of this … Continue reading

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Don’t Take It Personally, Babe, It Just Ain’t Your Story

2015 comment: Dunno if this one still holds up for everyone but it’s still worth checking out I’d say to see one of Christine Love’s old works before she became more famous. Genres: Drama, Shoujo-ai, Shounen-ai, otaku, comedy, School life, … Continue reading

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