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All-Star Fruit Racing Review

Note: Review is of the Nintendo Switch version I am not a go kart racer/mascot racing game expert but I have played a fair share of them from the titans of the genre (Mario, Crash and Sega Trilogy) to the … Continue reading

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Girls’ Frontline Guest Review by Mai88 and Raida

Note from OG: Here we are again taking a look at a mobile game that looked to have promising yuri potential. However, since I still do not own a tablet as of this writing I could not check the game … Continue reading

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Major Senran Kagura Announcements

Early this week a special Marvelous livestream dedicated to Senran Kagura aired where several announcements related to the franchise were made across several platforms.

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255th G-View: Miss Monochrome TV 1+2

With a third season coming I decided to take a look at the first two seasons of Miss Monochrome: the Animation.

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Love Live: School Idol Festival Released in English this Week

It happened earlier this week and the only reason I didn’t talk about sooner is because it’s for iOS and Android Smart Phones. I only use cell phones for making calls and checking the time. Basically the rhythm idol manager … Continue reading

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