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382nd G-View: RWBY Volumes 1-6

I have reviewed RWBY before but I am not proud of it. Also it felt premature because the show was just getting started and no one had an idea how big it would become over time. Big enough to become … Continue reading

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379th G-View: She-Ra and the Princesses of Power (Season 1)

The following Western series I am about to review is the third entry in what I personally dubbed the “Power Sword Revival/Reboot Trinity”. This refers to three revivals/reboots of 80’s and 90’s cartoons about heroes who transformed into great warriors … Continue reading

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354th G-View: A Place Further Than The Universe

Girls Club show about a group of cuties going to Antarctica. That is what drew me towards this show at first glance. Little did I and others who picked the show up know we were in for much more than … Continue reading

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Tales of Zestiria (PS4) Review

I finally have a chance to talk about a game entry in one of my favorite JRPG series, the Tales series. As far as popularity in the RPG communities go I would say it is like the “NJPW” to Final … Continue reading

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340th G-View: Girls’ Last Tour

This anime is an interesting one because for 90% of its 12 episode it is about the two leading ladies driving around a seemingly empty post-apocalyptic city. Question is whether the two could carry a show all by themselves. Let … Continue reading

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