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Life Lessons: It’s Time for a Change

While 2018 was the best year in media for me it was also the worst year as a blogger so far.

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Life Lessons: Don’t Judge

Been a while since I posted a serious one of these. The following topic was one I felt was not necessary to discuss, especially not around here because (for the most part) I consider this blog a welcoming one. Unfortunately … Continue reading

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Life Lessons and Blog Update: Getting Swamped

I’m sure some fans are wondering where the other Halftime Heat posts are for other anime I’m covering and this post will hopefully explain thing.

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Life Lessons: Plagiarism is a no-no

Before getting back on track after coming back from my September 4-16 vacation there is something I need to confess regarding my first year blogging in 2011 before I found my own writing style.

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Life Lessons: Follow Your Heart

I had a feeling this day would come sooner or later. The day someone would call me out for doing what I do. The day someone would tell me “A guy running a yuri blog is disturbing/creepy/irksome etc.”. I had … Continue reading

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