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28 yr old single mom. At a point late last year I started to get into watching anime again after a couple of events in my life happened. I regret not watching it over the passed few years because I missed so much wonderful anime! I'm spending my time catching up on what I've missed and I'm also watching the new animes for the seasons as well. I'm not too picky about the type of anime I watch. I like a variety of genres but I primarily watch the slice of life, comedy, fantasy, ecchi, yuri, and action. I watch a few other genres as well but not as faithfully as I follow anime in these categories. I work a full time job and have a child who's the light of my life, and future anime watcher, hehe. If I'm not watching anime I'm either spending time with her when she's awake or I'm doing one of my other little hobbies, i guess you can call them that. I like to draw, read, write, play some video games, and cook.

Huniepop Review (By Silverfox)

This game is not for fussy people who dislike scantily clad ladies, crude language and NSFW images. This review is safe for work though.

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YMC #53: Sunstone – A BDSM Lesbian Love Story (By Silverfox)

Note from OG: I could have reviewed this one myself but it felt right to have the one who recommended this deviantart comic to me give it a spin. That person being my Yuri Council right hand, Silverfox. NSFW Warning: … Continue reading

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