Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch From Mercury Episode 18: Rock Bottom?

Let the pain resume.

Suletta strangely cheerful

We joined Suletta who’s in a surprisingly good mood though. At first it looked like denial or hiding the pain but we’d actually learn she respected Miorine’s decision and thought the fault was her own. She “foolishly” thought she’s “the one” for the fox bird as she poorly hid her still broken heart.

Chuchu helps SulettaTo everyone’s surprise the MVP of the episode was Chuchu. She’s like “You’re clearly not okay with it!  Something’s definitely off about Miorine’s decision and we’re going to see her and get to the bottom of this.” She even defended her from Lil’ Bro who said she had no reason being in Miorine’s greenhouse anymore. It’s Guel The Builder’s role. Chuchu stood up to him but he had no beef with her because she saved him. Nice gesture but still not cool being a jerk to others.

The Earth homies were surprised Chuchu chose words over fists to which she said “It’s what Nika-Nee would have done”. Boss Boy Martin flinched who later went to the school counselor bot to confess he’s the one who called the cops on Nika. That explains how Shaddiq’s harem girl found her. Ironic as we recall she’s about to turn herself in and expose the criminals. Was he in for quite the surprise when he saw there’s someone behind the robot.

Secelia surprises MartinSecelia went from sitting on the couch to behind the counselor’s chair. Cue the “SECELIA GOT OFF THE COUCH! THE SKY IS FALLING!” meme. Took her long enough to do something worthwhile. No, showing some concern for her fellow students doesn’t count. Anyone could do that. Possibly blackmailing Martin for double-crossing Nika regardless of his good intention? That’s interesting. Glad they FINALLY put this fantastic character design to some good use and not waste it as mere NSFW fanart fodder.

Miorine announces her plan to win election pointsWe’ve seen Miorine wear business outfits before but this is her best OL look.

Meanwhile Guel and Miorine tried to get more old coots on their side for the election but no luck. Lady Prospera joined in and the fox bird was shocked to learn Papa Jeturk secretly had his company build a Gundam. Miorine’s naturally pissed but Prospera said the project was underway before GUND-Arm existed. In another “Prospera is chaotic neutral” move she also made deals with Shaddiq who already had a lot of old coots in his pocket. Prospera gave Miorine a hint of what may turn the tides and showed news of the war on Earth still going on. Miorine deduced the best way to win major election points was to end the war. It’s extremely dangerous but Miorine had to do it.

Like last time Elan 5 and Norea bitching at each other was of no concern to me but Nika’s question was. She asked Elan why he acted differently and the boy revealed that Elan’s dead. Like him they’re genetically enhanced to pilot Gundams and had plastic surgery done to look like Elan Prime so he would look good in the Duels. I called Elans 4 and 5 “stunt doubles” for good reason. That’s exactly what they were. Expendable stunt doubles to be precise.

Suletta sad without MiorineAfter “convincing” the security bot to let them see Miorine the Earth homies wished Suletta luck talking to her but wondered why she had to wear a spacesuit. Turns out Aerial/Eri told Prospera to guide Suletta to her. Our lovable tanuki was happy to see her sister as she shared her situation. She did her best to move on from the pain following “the mantra” but despite enjoying a fun life with the Earth homies her heart still yearned to be with Miorine. For the first time ever there’s doubt in her about Prospera’s words. The mantra to be precise. This time Suletta didn’t feel like she gained anything from moving forward. That’s when Aerial opened the hatch.

Eri removes Suletta's Gundam immunityI’m not 100% sure I understood the backstory but if I heard correctly Eri revealed Suletta’s one of several Eri clone babies. The other clone babies that weren’t strong enough were turned into the mini pod thingies Aerial used in battle. Eri said Suletta’s connection was what allowed her to move outside Cyberspace as Aerial. However, once Project Zero was complete and the Permet Score Eight was achieved she could move without her clone sister. There were additional details yet to be revealed but from the looks of things my “Luke Fon Fabre” theory is back from the dead. We’ll see what happens if more is revealed.

Eri pushes Suletta awayEri removed her Gundam immunity and pushed her out of Aerial saying mom and her didn’t need Suletta anymore. Floating in space Prospera came to Suletta who asked mom what’s wrong with Aerial but she said the data ghost kid was right. Suletta’s better off not being involved anymore.

Suletta emotionally destroyedMiorine pushed her way “to protect her”. Eri pushed her away “to protect her”. Prospera pushed her away “because Eri said so”. Our poor tanuki had hit rock bottom. Will she be able to break the “parental curse” that Miorine, Guel and even Shaddiq couldn’t? Trying to bring some kind of change but forced to follow their parents’ footsteps. Will she emotionally recover and choose her own destiny? Will Chuchu free Nika from a potential red flag? Will Secelia FINALLY serve a grander purpose beyond a connection to her boy toy? Will I give a damn about anyone other than our heroes and masked antagonist? Probably not. Anyway lots to forward to besides more suffering.

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15 Responses to Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch From Mercury Episode 18: Rock Bottom?

  1. I thought last week was her rock bottom, but it was actually this week. Mio pushed her away, Aerial(Eri) pushed her away and even Prospera pushed her away. Though it took Eri to convince her, since she was planning on continuing to use her as we thought she would. So now, she’s lost everyone she’s held dear. She still has her Earth House peeps, yes, but they weren’t her main support system. No matter how much they try to support her now, she’ll still feel empty. As she said herself, nothing really matters or makes her happy on her list if Mio isn’t there. She loves her so much. That’s why she’s truly at rock bottom, since she has no one to guide her.

    I don’t know that everyone made the right choice, effectively leaving Suletta literally and figuratively stranded in space on her own, after dropping the biggest bombshells on her, leaving her confused. I want to believe this will be a positive change in the sense that she’ll realize she needs to find herself and do what she wants to do and not think about what others want. However, I’m also worried she’ll go down a more destructive path, thinking she has nothing to lose. I’m sure we’re all hoping for a lighter result, where maybe she follows them to Earth to protect them from the dangers they are likely to face. I bet that new Gundam will play a role somehow. I guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens.

    Suletta is definitely an Eri clone, as we were thinking. All the failed clones became the Gund-Bits she and Aerial have been using in battle. She may be made of Eri’s DNA and be an extension of her, but it’s obvious Suletta is her own person, with her own mind, soul and now body. She was ‘born’ and raised from a baby by Prospera, so for better or worse, she is her daughter and therefore Eri’s sister. I was a little surprised to see that Prospera really may have a heart for Suletta after all, though only a little. Eri is still clearly her priority and it doesn’t absolve her of her evil acts.

    Finally, I really am proud of ChuChu and how far she’s come. She really is one of the best characters and I respect how she tried to help support Suletta this episode. I really hope that Nika will find a way to be freed from the Shaddiq Harem gang and return home sooner rather than later and unharmed. It’s too bad Martin turned her in, but I suppose he was doing what he felt was best for Earth House. Though he may be regretting it now.

    Hooray for Secelia getting off the couch!

    Good stuff. Looking forward to see what happens next.

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    • OG-Man says:

      Poor tanuki needs a big hug. Wish I could sew so I could make a Tanuki Suletta plushie like the ones from that Twitter artist.

      Fingers crossed she doesn’t go off the rails. Seriously needs a hug.

      You nailed it on the “Suletta’s a clone” bit. Nothing to add.

      Chuchu the MVP! She deserves a reward, aka her Nika-Nee back. Hope Nika finds a way out of the harem dungeon.

      Martin did what he thought was right for Earth House. Still not cool though.

      It’s an XMas miracle!

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  2. cirno9fan says:

    I become less and less a fan of Prospera with every episode (I wasn’t much a fan of her from the start though…). This whole “Go be free” is the most irresponsible way to handle things. She created a brainwashed daughter, and instead of maybe making some sort of effort to free her of that, she instead just cuts her off like a lock of hair. I think she wants to be a good mama, but I also feel that she has been at the revenge/plot game for far too long, and doesn’t have the capacity to do so. Doesn’t help that she’s sacrificed all those babies in the pursuit of this “plan”.

    Miorine’s just naive and young and making terrible decisions to go along with a manipulative scheming person’s idea, thinking it’s really the “best way”.

    I do think this’ll ultimately end up working out for Suletta, but that’s just plot convenience. Her cutting the air to her suit and ending everything would be far more likely at this point, as she feels like she has no reason to live, because she’s “not needed”. But the show won’t do this, because that would end the story.

    Wonder who’s going to save her? This engagement of convenience between Guel and Miorine is just…………………….was glad I had precure and dai star to watch after this.

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    • ineedyuri says:

      I don’t blame Miorine’s actions.
      No matter what she does, Prospera is going to get her way and it’s now too late to change. So Mio may as well force Suletta out of the picture.


      • cirno9fan says:

        forcing suletta out of the picture is 200% just playing into Prospera’s hands. That’s the problem, she’s doing everything that Prospera wants and falling for Prospera’s manipulation into thinking it’s “the only way”. When it’s obvious there are many many more options out there.

        I get why Miorine is doing it, but I still think she’s naive for doing it. Never, unless you’re even more manipulative, go along with the plans of a dangerous person like that. It’ll always end badly.

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  3. Alexis says:

    Comentando un poco sobre Wicht of Mercury y solo puedo decir WTF, quería comentar algo la semana antepasada pero hoy creo que es un buen momento.

    Que forma tan peculiar de decirle a Sulleta “se libre”, me recuerda cuando algún sujeto irresponsable abandona a su mascota en alguna carretera, eso es lo que estoy viendo ahora que Sulleta ha estado recibiendo puñalada tras puñalada, pero esto es Gundam y me atrevo a decir que no habrá un final feliz, ojalá y me equivoque pero tal vez (solo tal vez) conviertan a Sulleta en mártir.



  4. LuzeP says:

    I don’t know what to say. Everything was sad. I seriously didn’t pay attention to the bussiness part so thank you for enlighten me. Suletta man, she can’t catch a break. I knew she’s going to blame herself for this. I kinda want to see her mad for once. I know, be careful what your wish for. My thougths on Miorine. I just feel dissapointed in her. She doesn’t trust anybody before, except Suletta, now she did this. She’s more and more becomes like her father. Her intention is good, I just don’t agree. I never agree that protecting someone you love you are capable of hurting them. As it for now I’m not a fan of Miorine. I don’t like Prospera either. Give us NikaChu already.

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    • OG-Man says:

      It’s all good. I care about the politics as little as you do.

      Angry Suletta sounds cool on paper but worrisome in execution.

      I guess it’s like someone said, Suletta’s toxic relationship with Prospera made it hard for Miorine to reach out to the tanuki. All we can do is hope for the best in the end. Just know there’s still more pain to come…

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  5. Kotori_Sonoda says:

    We waited two weeks for more pain.
    Seeing Suletta blame herself for her duel loss but still taking care of the greenhouse was very heartbreaking to watch.
    Miorine and Guel have no luck getting any support in the upcoming election so now they’re going to try act like a peacemaker on Earth. You can see Guel’s stomach turn upside down at that suggestion.
    And now Suletta has also been blatantly abandoned by her mother and sister (s), very sad.
    We also get confirmation that Suletta is a clone, and that All those bits the Aerial uses are Eris.
    Really hoping Suletta finds herself and I’m hoping our main characters make it out alive. But we’ll the pain train is showing no signs of stopping. Can’t wait for the next episode.

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  6. K says:

    As it stands right now, Miorine and Guel are just dancing in Prospera’s hands even if they try something that she didn’t take into account(which doesn’t seem likely, seeing how well prepared she is). I wonder how they’re gonna quell those riots…

    Suletta seemed alright but I could tell that doing all of those things were just her way of coping. Then she gets to finally see AErial again and was told that she wasn’t needed anymore. She was just tossed aside like yesterday’s trash. I can’t blame her for breaking down. Maybe Prospera and AErial are being this callous to spare her further trauma but the way they’re(including Miorine in this) going about it is wrong.

    That aside, Chuchu gets major props for keeping it real. She indeed was the star here.

    How interesting that Secelia heard Martin’s confession. I just wonder what she’s gonna do with that information.

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    • OG-Man says:

      Prospera has yet to slip. It may happen eventually.

      Hope Miorine will be okay. Guel too I suppose.

      She will either unleash her fury or remain a lost lamb until someone says the right thing to revitalize her.

      It’s less about what Secelia will do and more her finally doing something noteworthy.

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  7. yurimylove says:

    however unlikely ChuChu x Nika may be, it’s looking even worse now for a Miorine x Suletta good end…

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