Mou Ippon! Episode 7: Secret Weapon Senpai

How can I post a “witty” title when the show did it for me?

We joined Team Erika on the train discussing their future. Like the last time it’s brought up they’d focus on competing in as many tournaments as possible before they eventually go their separate ways via college and the like. They surprised Team Michi when Hot Coach introduced them as their training partners for the next tournament.

That brought us to the main topic of the episode, the soon to be fifth member of Team Michi. Hot Coach didn’t say much about her but the gang heard enough to get hyped for her as their “secret weapon”. This secret weapon, Himeno, was found working part-time at a grocery store.

I was honestly expecting to have a lot to say about Himeno but we technically already saw her story through Michi. It’s more bearable because she didn’t use boys as escapism but the message was the same. Himeno felt like no matter how hard she worked it felt like she wasn’t getting any better or getting the desired results. It didn’t help that her old judo team graduated or quit, hence the judo club nearly closing down were it not for Towa holding down the fort till Michi and Sanae came

Fortunately thanks to a phone call from Amin, the Team Erika member who felt like quitting before Erika reignited her judo spark, and Hot Coach’s invite to watch the new judo club train Himeno got her passion back and would spend her last month as a high school student competing with the club in one last hurrah or something like that.

Me being me of course I crack ship Himeno and Hot Coach despite the odds of their legitimacy being close to zero. Also Himeno’s original hair color was black unlike Nagumo.

Of course I’d post a screengrab of sexy Nagumo showing some ex kendo muscle because Nagumo is love.

The rest of the episode was a training/hangout montage between the five judo girls as they got ready for the tournament which we’ll get to next time.

Good stuff as usual.

PS: Of course I left out Michi talking about boys again. It’s neither cute nor funny even with Himeno’s emergency wig.

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9 Responses to Mou Ippon! Episode 7: Secret Weapon Senpai

  1. chikorita157 says:

    Agreed, Michi bringing up the talk of boys is cringeworthy, compared to Sono being angry at Michi for being a parfait thief.

    Yes, Himeno’s story seems very familar to Michi, and it really took Ami to change her mind. Also seeing Himeno throw down the coach is something. Also interesting to see a flashback of her training with Shino.

    Still, it will be interesting to see how the girls do in the qualifiers.

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  2. Raymond says:

    At first, I was unsure in the beginning about the judo club being 5 members, plus the coach. But then, all I have to do is watch the ending animation. You can see that there are 5 members hanging out together. It’s just like Love Live! Superstar. I wasn’t sure Ren Hazuki would join Kanon & friends but the ending animation shows her happily hanging out with them. Ren eventually joined Kanon & friends to become Liella. Himeno was meant to join the club again and become its 5th member. Looking forward to see how well this new judo club would fair against the competition.

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  3. Not too much to say after my essay on the previous post, but I share your like of the Himeno x Hot Sensei crack ship. Would be cool, but also won’t expect anything. The show continues to deliver.

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  4. yurimylove says:

    “crack ship” FTW!!

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  5. Nick says:

    Himeno is a very welcome addition to the team, looking forward to seeing more of her in the coming eps!

    Not a whole lot to add to this really, you summed it all up very nicely.

    On to the next ep!

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