D4DJ All Mix Episode 3+4: Lyrical RONDO

Unless episodes have more for me to discuss that don’t require deep dives I’ll stick to the two episode format because one of them is easy to summarize.

Lyrical Lily step up

Let’s start with Episode 3. It felt like the Locodol style promotional video along with Peaky P Key’s premiere performance set the bar really high. The pressure was on so Lyrical Lily thought since they’re the hosts of the Mega DJ Jamboree they’d be next to perform and set a positive example for the remaining groups. The rest of the episode was Double L visiting the other groups for song inspiration. That’s it.

Muni with Rinku dollThe main highlights were Muni replicating that “Nay-yay” rapper meme floating around the Internet. She’s upset her doll was paired with the Nyochio doll because “they made a nice couple” so while no one was looking she switched the kitty doll with Rinku’s because destiny. Bless you Muni.

Yuka abs returnThe second highlight was a terrible wrong committed in Episode 2 corrected. Apology accepted Peaky P Key. Cultured people worldwide thank you.

On to Episode 4.

Nyochio Mk2After a symbolic intro it’s revealed Nyochio’s twin sister (Yes a cat doll and similar looking living cat are sisters) caused a ruckus in the studio for the next show of the jamboree. The gang considered cancelling or postponing it but there’s too much hype and our heroines being anime idols of course they couldn’t let their fans down.

RONDO think about their next moveOne of the new venues suggested was Alter-Ego, RONDO’s home base. The problem was it being a members only night club for adults. Aoi, the heartthrob team captain of RONDO said they would find a way to convince the owners to make an exception. After participating in D4 Fes, the collab concert with Merm4id (Watch Double Mix for details on that) and Lyrical Lily’s last performance she realized RONDO had to expand their audience by opening up Alter-Ego to more people.

Airi helps Tsubaki loosen upSpeaking of Double Mix, one of the stories covered there was Tsubaki’s ongoing quest to come out of her shell and become a more confident performer. It’s understandably hard for her but thankfully she has plenty of help from her homies and others like Airi, that woman from the bar the groups frequent. She appears to be something of a music grandmaster or a retired legend. Most likely covered in the D4DJ mobile game or I just missed the part it’s mentioned in the first season. Not that important. What mattered was she played a big part in Tsubaki’s growth as a performer. We also learned Kyoko, team captain of Peaky P Key, was another one of Airi’s students. I think her advice was to trust in the Heart of the Cards and the power of friendship to save the day. Oh and not give up easily.

Nagisa and Hiiro following TsubakiSpeaking of friendship power two of Tsubaki’s homies, Nagisa and Hiiro, secretly followed her to keep an eye on their baby girl like worried parents, especially Hiiro. Twas amusing. We’re even treated to a rare sight from the usually cool Kyoko.

RONDO ask fans for helpRONDO came together to come up with an idea to solve the two main issues preventing Alter-Ego from opening its doors to a larger audience: Membership and age restriction. Said idea was to have the fans decide what would be best by voting on whether to keep/remove one or both rules. The majority voted to remove both rules but RONDO knew it’s ultimately up to the owner.

Masaki, RONDO's managerFortunately Masaki, their manager, and Mr Owner already agreed to open Alter-Ego to a larger audience for the upcoming show. The two conditions were no alcohol and only during daytime. The power of friendship, aka the other groups, also helped make the decision easy.

RONDO’s music became one of my favorites thanks to Double Mix so “ARCANA” was my favorite song in S2 so far. I have a feeling my next favorite is coming up next time. Take a wild guess why.

Good stuff as always.

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6 Responses to D4DJ All Mix Episode 3+4: Lyrical RONDO

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  2. chikorita157 says:

    It’s always nice to see more Muni and Rinku moments, but it’s obvious she would put Rinku’s doll next to hers. Either way, I watched the third episode of the first season and finally learn more about Muni’s feelings for Rinku obviously.

    Nice to see the 4th episode builds on the OVA given RONDO’s ambition to take Alter Ego to the next level. Not too surprising to see Mer4id get the focus next time pretty much the hype group. Still, funny to see Nagisa and Hiiro spy on Tsubaki.

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      Excellent. Continue your mission to finish the first season.

      RONDO and Merm4id are best groups in the franchise. That is until the newest group make their anime debut in the future. Hopefully.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. yurimylove says:

    so Muni thought Rinku and her “made a nice couple”. Yuri approved!


  4. Finally caught up and it’s great to be back with our Gay DJs! I really did miss them, and now getting to see all the missing groups together is a real treat. Of course, Rondo continues to be my long-time favorite and this episode didn’t make that an exception. I swear I’ve seen several moments since the OVA between Aoi x Tsubaki where I’m just like, “Get married already” lol. I just love them and Nagisa and Hiro are a fun pair too.

    Muni x Rinku are always a treat and Kyoko continues to be my second favorite after Aoi, and Nagisa is third, as far as the DJs go in general. I’m glad you also loved Arcana best of all the S2 performances so far. So good! Rondo really does have such a unique sound of their own. Not to say of course that the other groups are lacking uniqueness. I’m enjoying S2 a lot and I’m looking forward to next week too.

    Liked by 1 person

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