The Magical Revolution Episode 3: New Game for the Genius Lady

Hitting the Reset Button is rarely easy as our beautiful genius would soon realize.

Euphie not used to her new life

We began with Euphie in the process of moving out of her old home into her new one. Technically it’s a hideaway till things calmed down but close enough. The important thing of note was a key in a box. One would assume it’s the key to her room as a symbolic gesture of closing an old chapter and starting a new one but as mentioned in the intro it wasn’t easy for our lovely co-star. She seemed to have not slept well and barely hid her concern when Ilia asked how she felt.

Euphie tests her prototype swordUnfortunately her day would be a busy one but at least she’d get to spend the morning with her future spouse. After making a spectacular…ly bumbling entrance Anis invited her assistant to perform her first experiment. As mentioned last episode she had a magical gift for Euphie but first she had to test the prototype. Like Anis had hoped Euphie easily unlocked its power to form a cool mana saber.

Anis proud of her assistantTo further prove her high praise of Euphie right she quickly deduced the saber’s double use as a sword and magic wand. The next test was a broom ride. Remembering what happened last time Euphie made Anis swear she wouldn’t let go. The test went as one would expect.

Euphie's slight joyAs Anis begged for forgiveness Euphie surprised her with slight joy. The gay princess thought “That’s it. That’s the happiness I want her to regain. Just a little more” but as mentioned it’s slight because euphie went into “prim and proper” mode feeling her giggling was uncouth of an assistant. Anis tried to tell her there’s no need for formalities and instead enjoy the experiments but Euphie hesitated. Sadly they couldn’t continue as it’s time for business. We’d see our beloved princess again later.

Ilia enjoys serving Anis deep downAs Ilia helped Euphie get ready she thought it’s hard for the hot maid to serve a wild princess like Anis. Ilia’s like “Eh. You get used to it. Besides, it has its benefits”. She thought if Euphie didn’t enjoy being with Anis it’d be best to call off the agreement but Euphie’s problem was she felt distant from Anis. She knew the princess was a good person but she didn’t “get” her yet.

Euphie's meeting with the king and dukeThe main topic of the meeting was Prince Al’s behavior. I think he’s confined until a reasonable resolution could be reached but he wouldn’t budge from his beliefs. The king and the duke were concerned because among his posse were demon seeds of some pretty influential politicians. Some whose ideals clashed with theirs. On to Euphie. They understood she had little interaction with Miss Blessed Bazookas and that she didn’t do anything wrong in her former engagement with Prince Al. Duke Papa did suspect there had to be more to his actions than just being (understandably) honi. The dads asked her to recall that night for clues. She didn’t know much but could tell they believed in their resolve. To them it didn’t matter if what they did was wrong but them believing what they did was right. Next Euphie presented the key in the box to King Daddy O. Turns out it belonged to the forbidden library which Euphie used to study up on becoming queen.

Euphie feels nothing after breaking up with Al After what happened she didn’t feel she had the right to become queen. The king asked her to reconsider but she knew from the start Prince Al felt nothing for her. Breaking up didn’t make her mad, just give her an empty feeling. Duke Papa tried motivating her to not let it get her down but he still needed to work on the “being a good dad” thing. His heart was in the right place at least.

Euphie looks at her old dressAs Euphie greeted her staff one last time till the forseeable future she looked at her old fitting dress. The work she put in to become the ideal queen was hard and demanding but part of her seemed to have enjoyed it. Part of her would kinda miss it. Viewers could tell this after Ilia complained about her mistress’ uneven weight compared to Euphie’s yet still thought her becoming a free spirit like Anis would be good. Best guess was she felt directionless.

Anis finished her latest inventionCue the one destined to fill the emptiness inside Euphie’s heart.

Rainbow BladeSaid invention was inspired by the Myrtenaster (Those who know, know). The “Arc-en-Ciel” rapier which of course was French for rainbow. The inspiration came from how Anis viewed Euphie. A spellcaster and girl as beautiful as a rainbow.

Anis admires Euphie's spellcastingAs previously mentioned Anis loved magic and dreamed of becoming a great magician but she couldn’t. The day she saw a young Euphie casting magic was love at first sight. Seeing her use Arc-en-Ciel so elegantly reminded her of that feeling. However, part of her envied Euphie’s gifted spellcasting abilities.

Anis sleeping on Euphie's lapMeanwhile Euphie envied Anis’ free spirit. yearning to be as unafraid to express herself as the sexy goofball. Classic pairing setup of two souls brought together to patch up the lingering wounds in their hearts.

Great stuff yet again.

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15 Responses to The Magical Revolution Episode 3: New Game for the Genius Lady

  1. Great stuff as usual. It’s obvious that Euphie is feeling kind of hopeless now since she thinks she’s lost her purpose and she’s not sure how to move forward from that. If she’s no longer qualified to be Queen, then what is she even worth? With thoughts like these, naturally she’s feeling down. But that’s where our charming Anis comes in. Slowly but surely she will return Euphie to her natural form that she fell for all those years ago. She will show her how to be free and live as she wants to live without hesitation. In the process, they will certainly fall deeper in love and their feelings will connect. I’m eager to see the day. Always a joy to watch this show.

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      Poor Euphie. Hopefully Anis will fill her heart with the joy she hasn’t felt in ages and no longer haañs to cry. I don’t like seeing a wonderful soul like her in tears. Ganbare Anis!

      Liked by 2 people

  2. ArcaJ says:

    What a great decision to show this episode from Euphie’s POV. Her quiet despair is so compelling. She resigned herself to life servant of the Kingdom. Now, with no perceived purpose, she is at a loss.

    I’m glad she has Ilia and Anis with her, because Euphie seemed dangerously depressed. I hope she finds a new (healthy) way to contribute to her community.

    I;m just gonna call her Lady Rainbow Sword! (A rainbow sword that shoots multi-colored mgic is Hella GAY!)

    Liked by 3 people

  3. chikorita157 says:

    Interesting to see more in Euphie’s point of view. Sure, seeing her be lost is not too surprising since her goals are ripped away from her after working that hard to become the perfect person. It’s nice how they showed this with her giving back the key, seeing the dress the last time, and packing. Also, interesting that she seems to envy she has towards Anis being a free spirit, but it really shows.

    I do hope Euphie find a new path and hopefully with Anis, she can most likely make that happen.

    Liked by 3 people

  4. Jeanettelith says:

    Already in the 3rd episode, i can’t get enough of the fact that we are watching YURI and we don’t need yuri-goggles for this

    Liked by 1 person

  5. ineedyuri says:

    I’m glad the whole episode is dedicated to Euphie’s insecurities.
    I don’t remember the LN or manga doing that.

    Liked by 1 person

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  7. opaco1234 says:

    So, the void that Euphie is feeling is progressively be fulled with the new purpose that Anis is giving to her and that will calm her while her opinion about the princess improved a bit

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  8. yurimylove says:

    lap pillow achievement unlocked!

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  9. Nick says:

    Sad to see Euphie sad. Good to see Anis at her side though, they really do make such a great couple!

    Ilia is the dream redhead maid. Really like her a lot!

    Anis getting to sleep on Euphie’s lap was a nice way to close out the ep. Lucky girl!

    Liked by 1 person

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